Kaotiks RC: A Great Gift Idea

Koatiks RC A Great Gift Idea

Seasons Greeting Friends! A few weeks ago a friend of Lauren and mine asked us if we’d be interested in trying out a new toy and blogging about it. She works with a St. Louis-based company called Kaotiks RC. The toy is a remote-controlled car and track that can do all sorts of tricks, flips and jumps. It’s “absolute chaos and nonstop action!” It is recommended for kids 3 and up and since The Bear is 4 I thought we’d give it a whirl. I was excited to receive not one,but two, different sets to try out. This week we’ll be reviewing Venon Vert Park.

I wrapped up the box and included it in The Bear’s St. Nick’s Day goodies. Upon opening the box he was super duper excited. (Good packaging!)

opening Kaotiks

Bad planning on my part- Immediately after opening gifts we had to head out to Breakfast with Santa. All morning I heard, “Momma, when we get home can I open the race car? When can I open the race car? Mom, I need to play with the race car when we get home.” Target audience hit.

When we got home I was exhausted. (Side note- I got up at 4:30 to wrap gifts before the kids woke up. They were up at 4:45. All Mommy wants for Christmas is 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep!) I laid down to take a nap and shifted the race car responsibilities to Daddysaurus. He reported that the track was easy to assemble. He left the decals for my artistic skills.

Venon Vert Park 1

Daddysaurus also had some other important details to report. He liked that the car battery charged in the controller. Double A batteries are inserted into the remote which then acts as the charging unit for the car battery. As Daddysaurus pointed out, you don’t have another piece to lose. It’s all a self-contained unit. It takes about half an episode of Leap Frog for the battery to charge (15 minutes) and you get the rest of the episode out of the charge (15 minutes). I was shocked The Bear, who is quickly bored, was still engaged after 15 minutes so it would have been nice if the charge lasted a little longer.

pulling out battery

Removing the battery from the car is easy!

battery charing in controller

The car battery charges in the remote control.

One of the things that Daddysaurus got really excited about was the unpredictability of the car. To paraphrase his thoughts, “The motor is so fast that it accelerates incredibly quickly. It jumps, leaps, hops, and flips upside down constantly. It doesn’t matter how it lands, it keeps going. It’s really fun for a 4 year-old boy.” Sounds like the 4 year-old wasn’t the only one having fun!

We found a few kinks. For example, the infrared remote has to be in the car’s line of sight. If the dog runs in front of the remote, the car stops.  Also, curly-headed two-year sisters should stay back. At one point the car flipped up in the air and got caught in her curls! There are still a few pieces of hair wrapped around a wheel. Sorry Baybay!

One other thing- the 3 and up label on the box should be heeded. In about 10 seconds Baybay got a hold of the car, pulled off a very necessary rubber ring off a tire and bit it in half. Hot glue saved the day, but it is definitely a toy that needs to be kept out of toddler hands (as it explicitly says on the box).

Hands off BayBay!

Hands off BayBay!

All in all, it has been a lot of fun for The Bear. He loves off-roading much to the chagrin of our dog. 🙂 I know he is going to FLIP out when we show him the Psychoplex. Stay tuned for my next Kaotiks post where we try out the Psychoplex and connect the two tracks and race two cars for major chaos!

Anyone else have a Kaotiks car or set? I’d love to hear about your experience. Any questions before you buy? Send them my way!

Check out Kaotiks Facebook page and website.

You can order Venon Vert Park on Amazon or pick it up at several local retailers.

Here’s a video of Venon Vert Park in action. I did NOT shoot this video. Credit to Jake Salter.

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