9 Tips for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

9 Tips for the Perfect Choc Chip Cookie feature pic

I saw a video on Facebook recently from littlethings.com that claimed “You’ve been You’ve Been Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies ALL Wrong, And This Video Proves It!” I was intrigued as I’ve always struggled with getting my chocolate chip cookies right. I think I’m a pretty good baker. My cake balls don’t lie! But I just can’t get chocolate chip cookies right. So I did some research and here are the 9 things that took my cookies to a whole new level.

1. Set out eggs and butter to reach room temperature.

butter and eggs

2. Whisk your flour and don’t pack it tightly.


3. Use a mixer, but mix gently and only as much as necessary.

4. Use excellent chocolate. Make your own chocolate chips from a high quality candy bar!


5. Make your cookies the same size. I use a cookie baller to assist me. If I don’t my final cookies wind up much bigger than my initial ones. 🙂

even scoops

6. Cool your dough in the fridge before putting it on the cookie sheets.

dough in the fridge

7. Use parchment paper on your cookie sheets.

cookie sheets

8. Try baking at 325 degrees for wider, softer cookies.

9. Put a piece of bread in with your stored cookies to preserve freshness.


Do you have any tips for chocolate chip cookies? I’d love to keep growing this list!

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