Curls! All I Really Want is CURLS!

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Hi friends! I’ve been a bit quiet in the blogosphere lately. As I’m sure you are all aware, it is back to school time and for teachers and professionals in education (like me) it can feel a little like a tsunami. I’m so excited for another great year and my class is awesome, but re-calibrating myself to working mom from summer mom consumes my ALL mental faculties at the moment. Not to worry, I’ll get my groove back soon and you’ll be hearing all about the delicious experiments of the summer, see our bathroom makeover and read about some new apps I’m using to get organized.

 “Don’t cry for me Argentina. The truth is I never left you!”

I’ve been wanting to write this post since June. I asked our readers on Facebook for some advice on how to manage my daughter’s curls.


I got some great advice and product recommendations I want to share with you. Thank you MOCK (Mothers of Curly Kids)! I ordered these products all from Amazon.

Little Twig Conditioning Detangler, Tangerine

Little Twig Baby Shampoo, Extra Mild Unscented

California Baby Hair De-Tangler Spray, Calming

Conair Anti-static Detangling Comb

curly hair products

I chose the Little Twig line because it is hypoallergenic and both of my kids have eczema. I read several reviews that recommended it for children with eczema and after 2 months we haven’t had any reactions. Although I love  the natural ingredients, they are a little on the pricey side. The conditioner was $12.99, but you can now get it for $9.84 as an add on item with Amazon Prime. The shampoo was $9.64. Like quality beauty products, a little goes a long way. I only need one squirt of each for The Bear’s hair and two for Baybay’s longer hair.

Here’s my strategy. I shampoo as soon as she gets into the tub. Next I apply the conditioning detangler.  I work it into her hair with my fingers first and then run through it with the wide tooth comb starting at the ends and working my way to the scalp. Leave it to condition while she plays in the tub. One thing I really like is that it can be a leave-in conditioner or you can rinse it out depending on the texture of your child’s hair. After play time I pour one pitcher of water of her head to rinse it out just a tad. I scrunch her hair with a towel and let it air dry.  I’ve achieved excellent results with this method.

tub curls

curls on the go

But we can’t stop there! It’s never to early to learn about second day hair. Even the morning after a bath those curls need some refreshing. That’s when the California Baby Hair De-Tangler Spray comes in and saves the day. The biggest problem area is the back of her head where the curls have tangled as she slept. I can’t tell you all the crazy things I have pulled out of this little nest: Cheerios, rubber bands, a small piece of cheese, and once a wheel off Thomas the Tank Engine. I generously spray the De-Tangler at the roots and out to the ends. Luckily, Baybay has a tough scalp so she lets me work a wide tooth comb through it. I start at the ends and work my way up to the roots, applying more De-Tangler as needed.

second day hair

Not bad for second day hair! Even on pigtail or ponytail days, I still use the De-Tangler and work out the tangles before putting her hair up. Otherwise who knows what small creatures may dwell in her knot nest by the end of the day?!

On a personal note, I chopped my hair off at the end of this summer as was surprised to find that without the weight of the length my hair has become extremely curly in the back. I saw more wave to it during my pregnancy with Baybay and postpartum, but I didn’t realize how curly it was. I’ve had bone straight hair my whole life so this was pretty shocking to me!

curly momma

I’ve been using the Little Twig Conditioning Detangler myself! It’s funny how things come to you when you need them. I’m learning all about how to style my new curly hair so hopefully I’ll have some tips for Baybay as our curl adventure untangles!

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