Top 5 Road Trip Troubles With Kids

Well helloooo there. Long time no see, I mean talk, I mean…type? Sorry folks #momproblems.

So this summer we took both boys on our first road trip as a family of four. And I quickly realized that this was going to be a whole new ballgame. Not only did we have more stuff (seriously…didn’t we JUST get the hang of not taking the entire house with us?!) but of course there are more people…which means more car seats. Ugh. We tried to get creative with our seating arrangements but, well…you’ll see in number 2 that those plans had to change pronto. We were cramped, to say the least, and our 12+ hour car ride was a bit, well, challenging.

To everyone I previously told “car trips with kids really aren’t that bad” after traveling with just Buddy…I’m sorry.


So here you have it…my top 5 car trip troubles:

  1. Middle of the night departure time = everyone but the driver goes back to sleep…right? Wrong. We eventually got Cali to doze a bit before it got light out but Buddy wasn’t havin’ any of it. He was up and ready to party. From 3am on.
  2. Which was odd cause I bet if he would have just gone back to sleep we could have avoided (or at least postponed) him getting car sick in the third row of our SUV…right after he ate breakfast. That poor kid has never been car sick but we of course didn’t wise up and move him back to the middle row until he gave us a repeat performance on the way home. I’ll spare you the details. You’re welcome.
  3. Not to leave Cali out of the bodily function issues…our at the time 9 month old decided the drive from Missouri to Florida (and back) was a great time to let loose, if you know what I mean. Over. And over. And over. I believe we made 6 or 7 stops on the way home. Previous trips we made 2 stops. You do the math.
  4. Most families report repeated asking of the age old “are we there yet?” question. Buddy decided to one-up that with “how long until we’re there?” which then required us to do some quick math every time he inquired because he was also adamant that we gave him a time with numbers rather than just a “not yet,” “soon,” or “not soon enough.”
  5.  A couple years ago a friend asked about how I worked out nursing Buddy while traveling. I explained our elaborate “plan” we had used where we would stop for gas, I would get out and pump the gas & use the bathroom at the gas station while my husband changed the diaper. Then we would drive next door to a fast food place and my husband would use the bathroom and order food while I stayed in the car to feed Buddy. It worked beautifully, I said. You should try it, I said. She explained another friend said she would just lean over the car seat and feed her baby while they drove. What?! I brushed this advice off like crazy talk. Then we had baby #2, got stuck in traffic on a back road detour around a bad accident that had closed the highway, and Cali was losing his mind. Yep. That happened. I’m not saying I would recommend it, but it sure did make life a little more bearable at that moment! So thanks for the advice, friend, and sorry I acted so shocked so many years ago!

So what car trip troubles have you encountered while traveling with kids?? I’d love to hear about them!

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