Ikea Hack: Lego Lack Table

Wowee we’ve stepped away for a bit…sorry bout that friends. Thanks for hanging tight while we have been hanging on to our hats trying to keep up with life!

Here in St. Louis there have been rumors for years…YEARS I tell you…that we would be getting an Ikea. Every April 1st you could count on the announcement that Ikea was finally coming to town!!! April Fools! *jerks*

Even though today *is* April Fools Day, it’s no joke that we are FINALLY getting an Ikea!! I have yet to drive past the site in progress but my husband has seen it several times and says it is HUGE. I can. not. wait. to. shop. (Mental note: part time holiday employment??) Anyway…of course I had a project in mind that couldn’t wait for Ikea to open in the fall. #craftymommyproblems So online I went to order up one of their thrifty Lack Coffee Tables. Why a Lack Table? Well, this particular size is perfect for big kids and small (kneeling or sitting next to it to build), it’s also the perfect size to fit 6 building plates comfortably with a nice boarder around it, and it has a handy dandy lower shelf that conveniently stows away Legos not currently being used. Love.

You see, Buddy has gotten into Legos. At three years old. (No, not the Duplos…the little ones.) After Christmas, they had pretty much taken over the house…or at least an entire corner of the family room. I took a look at our living room (which, at the time, housed his train table and…well…that really was about it) and decided it was time for that room to be officially transformed into a play room to get some of the toys and clutter out of the family room (that actually never happened…sigh.)

So…enter need for Lego storage.

Desperate need.

I had looked online for a Lego table (dang those things are pricey!) and scoured Pinterest for storage ideas until I finally settled on a DIY project.

Ikea Lego Lack Table

You will need:
1 Ikea Lack Coffee Table ($19.99)

6 Lego building plates (10″ x 10″) in any color (we went with all green…oh and there are often “knock offs” on Amazon and eBay that are much cheaper but you really have to search for them!)

1 bottle clear gel tacky glue (I had this leftover from another project)


Step 1: Assemble Lack Table. EASY!!! My three-year old “helped me” and we still had it done in less than 15 minutes. No joke.

Step 2: Lay out your building plates and mark where they will go. Use larger Legos to hold them together while you do this…it makes the whole thing line up so nicely. Trust me on this one.


Step 3: Lift one plate at a time (or not) and apply a generous (but not obnoxious) amount of tacky glue to the table. Replace the building plate.


Step 4: Continue gluing down building plates and use Legos to connect plates as you go. This will ensure that you have them lined up properly (so the Legos will work if they cross from one plate to the next during construction.)


Step 5: Allow to dry overnight.

Step 6: Enjoy your “ground breaking” and start building!


Our Lego city (complete with city park, Chick-fil-a, shamrock forest, and a post office) sure did come together faster than Ikea is but I’m sure once it’s here I’ll have all the Swedish meatballs I can handle. Or something like that. 😉

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