Surviving the Cold

It. Is. Cold.




Piercing cold.

But I’m sure you didn’t need me to tell you that.

Last year we had a winter I would love to forget. We got a ton of snow (which was fun at times…but got old quickly) and suffered through week after week of absolute mind-numbing cold. It was one of the coldest winters I can remember and it just. wouldn’t. quit. I was hoping we had put all that bitter, cutting cold behind us in 2014 but here we are in the middle of it all over again.

When I’m stuck inside because of the cold, there are a few things I consistently rely on to keep me cozy and warm. These things make me happy, happy, happy…cause who doesn’t like getting all snuggled up and cozy?

I know I’m a fan.

So here are my top 5 necessities for snuggling up and surviving the cold!

5. A super thick, super soft pair of socks. I like a pair with a few grippers on the bottom cause the softest ones also tend to be the most slippery! A pair like one of these would be perfection!

4. A big ole mug of hot cocoa! I’m no cocoa snob. Go ahead and dump in a packet of whatever was on sale and fire up the Keurig for instant hot water and I’m good to go. Cocoa add-ins though? Pile em on! Marshmallows (including chocolate-dipped, peppermint peeps), whipped cream, sprinkles, and Bailey’s of course. 🙂

3. A roaring fire in the fireplace. We didn’t have a fireplace at our last house so I talked my hubby into getting us one of those cute little electric ones. Sure, we could have bought a regular space heater for a fraction of the cost but the flames were so charming. Now we enjoy all the benefits of a wood burning fireplace…the crackling of the burning wood, the aroma of the fire, and, of course, the cut in our heating bill. $$$$$

2. A super soft, super warm blanket. My husband got me a “nap” blanket years and years ago from Brookstone and I’m still obsessed with it. Unfortunately, so is my three-year-old. So I’ve had to learn to share. I’m also a fan of these super luxe looking cashmere throws from Parachute…mmmm cashmere. Can’t go wrong cudding in cashmere am I right ladies? (Maybe not as practical with a three-year-old and cocoa but meh…I’ll take my chances!)

Which brings me to my number 1 favorite cozy, snuggle item…

1. My boys. 🙂 Cheesy, I know. But you can’t beat snuggling with your kids (or spouse) especially with a fire in the fireplace, a mug of cocoa in your hand, fuzzy socks on your feet, and a toasty blanket wrapped around you.

Guess I better go bring in some more firewood so we can make this happen tonight!

Stay warm everyone!


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