Six Things That Changed When We Had a Second Child

Upon having my first child, my life changed pretty dramatically as far as priorities & routines. Having my second has been no different. Here are just a few ways life is different at our house these days:

1. I’m no longer able to sneak a shower at naptime because naps are never simultaneous for long enough to go to the bathroom alone, let alone shower solo. I fear I am forever doomed to play peek-a-boo around the shower door.

2. Speaking of the bathroom…it just got a little more crowded in there as the 3yo is in there cause, ya know, why not? And the baby is in there (in a bouncy seat) cause you don’t dare leave him in the other room where the 3yo can get to him without supervision. Is Daddy home yet?

3. With our first, I didn’t think twice about responding/yelling across the house “you don’t have boobs” to Daddy when I overheard him saying “what’s wrong?” to the fussy baby. Yelling such things today would surely result in a phone call home from Buddy’s teacher when he repeats the same thing at school.

4. Baby-proofing is near impossible when the 3yo leaves Legos & other toys everywhere. It’s only a matter of time before those toys are in baby’s mouth…or nose…or ear…or I don’t wanna think about where else they might go.

5. Though lately #4 really isn’t an issue cause the 3yo now prefers to play with the baby toys I just brought out of storage more than his own.

Case in point:


6. Three words: tag team bedtime. Currently I’m usually on baby duty & my husband tackles (sometimes literally) the 3yo but hopefully we’ll be able to switch things up once babe is in more of a “routine.” For now it’s all hands on deck between the hours of 6:30 & 8 as we attempt to calm the chaos…I mean…the children.

Ok moms (and dads!) let’s hear it…what changed at your house when you added another kid to the mix??


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