DIY Baseball Field Cake Decor


I love planning parties! I don’t get to do it too often so when I do, I tend to go all out. Unfortunately, “all out” and 34 weeks pregnant don’t exactly go hand in hand, as was the case when prepping for Buddy’s 3rd birthday this summer.

His 1st birthday was baseball/St. Louis Cardinals themed (parent choice) & his 2nd was a Team Umizoomi theme (his choice.) When we asked him what kind of party he wanted this year it was baseball. Again. Oops. Guess I picked a good one the first time around?? I had saved some of the decorations & such from his 1st birthday & considered breaking them out, but ultimately decided against that.

Instead, we kept things relatively simple. Red, blue, & white streamers & balloons, a baseball piñata, some red tablecloths…all in the comfort of our own home. Buddy wore his Cardinals jersey with pride & just before guests arrived, decided mommy & daddy needed to be wearing Cardinals gear as well. Luckily I had just done the laundry…phew.

Cakes are tricky for us. I’d love to outsource the cake decorating but with Buddy’s allergies, there aren’t any places around here that can make a safe cake for him. Thank goodness I took a basic cake decorating class about 5 years ago.

Buddy & I spent an afternoon browsing baseball cakes online a few weeks before his party & he chose this one as the winner!


I didn’t have a square pan big enough to feed our guests so I went with a rectangular pan & used the extra space for birthday candles. Gotta love Party City for having baseball shaped birthday candles. Anyway…here’s the step by step to get the same look for your cake!

You will need:

Square or rectangular cake, iced brown/chocolate
White icing (for the bases & baselines)
Green icing (use gel coloring to dye white icing green without making it runny) for the grass
Baseball player cake toppers
Two decorating bags
Wilton tip #3 & #16
A few toothpicks

After icing the cake completely with chocolate icing (or another flavor dyed brown…chocolate is just easier), you are ready to start decorating!

Grab a toothpick & sketch out your field on the cake. I used a shot glass turned upside down to make the impression for the pitcher’s mound.


If you make a mistake, check to see if it’s in an area that will get covered. I got lucky & mine was…see the oops? If it’s not, remember you’re just working with icing! Smooth it out & start again.

Grab your #3 tip & white icing & draw in all the bases. Connect with baselines. I also added a tiny pitching rubber in the end product…you can do that now if you like.


Fill in the infield using your green icing & #16 tip…make sure you don’t cover the pitching mound!


Head out to the outfield & foul territory & make the grounds crew proud.


Ready for the players to take the field!


I was so proud of how this cake turned out! I decorated it the night before, while Buddy slept, & he was SO EXCITED when he saw it in the morning. It took a little while to complete but it was by no means an “all night” project. I would definitely do it again if I needed to. But maybe next year we can be a little more original in our party theme…ooooor 3rd time’s a charm??


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