DIY Crate Bookshelves


In all our nursery prep for Cali, we realized poor Buddy was feeling a bit left out. We were working on so many projects in the weeks leading up to his birth & every time Buddy asked “is dis for my brudder?” I felt bad that we hadn’t made anything special for him lately. I have plenty of things I still want to do in Buddy’s room to make it feel more finished…I just haven’t gotten around to them.

For the past 8 or so months since Buddy has been in his big boy room, he hasn’t had any book storage. His bed (which is my husband’s childhood furniture) has drawers underneath that we have utilized for book storage but it hasn’t been the most convenient storage solution.

His room isn’t huge but it’s plenty big. However, with two large windows taking up an entire wall, using a traditional bookshelf wasn’t going to work. I had pinned a bunch of creative options such as this one & this one but was having a hard time finding the supplies needed to pull it off. We don’t have an Ikea nearby (yet!!) and I wasn’t excited about paying more for shipping than for the actual shelves to get them online (I know, I know, I’m such a tightwad!!) I had a pallet sitting on my patio for months but decided that was more trouble than it was worth (read: more work than I was willing to deal with.)

Then I found this idea in June but couldn’t find a crate like this anywhere! Then earlier this month, my husband & I were running errands & stopped in JoAnn Fabrics to grab supplies for one of my many other projects when I spotted the perfect crate housing a hand soap display. BINGO! The crates run $15.99 but I, of course, had a coupon so for $9 I finally had my crate!


My handy husband used his circular saw to cut it in half lengthwise for me.



Here it is in 2 pieces, ready for paint!


With the whitewash finish on it, it took 3 coats of the dark navy paint color (we used a Behr sample in Peaceful Night) inside & out to get a nice, even look. We then sprayed a light coat of a flat finish clear coat to protect the finish without leaving it with a shiny look.


Handy hubby to the rescue again for choosing & attaching brackets.


Then we mounted them using heavy duty drywall anchors (we wanted them to easily hold heavier books & withstand a little pressure from our 3-year-old!)


I love that Buddy’s books are now within reach at all times & these look so great in his room! I’m now wondering which other rooms in my house may benefit from some of these shelves! And it was so cute to see Buddy’s eyes light up when we told him this project was for HIS room. What a sweetheart.


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