Super Easy DIY Pillow Cover (Adventures in Nursery Decor: Episode 5)


Looking around the nursery last week, I decided I had time for one last project as long as it was something I didn’t need to run to the store for & could be done quickly. A glance at my bare, boring, brown glider (which was perfect in our last nursery but now just seems out of place) told me where my efforts needed to be focused. I would LOVE to try this tutorial for recovering a glider but the fabric on my glider is in excellent condition (so it seems like a waste) & at 38 weeks pregnant…well…ain’t nobody got time for that!

Instead, I turned my attention to some leftover navy fleece from my boppy pillow cover project & an uncovered 16″ pillow insert I have had jammed in a closet for months. This particular pillow is perfect for lumbar support while nursing because it’s down-filled so it can be squished easily to fit however & wherever I need support…perfection.

Anyway…this pillow cover took me all of 15 minutes to whip up thanks to Alane’s tutorial, which is a definite plus! Follow along with me!

You will need:

A pillow insert (mine was 16″)
Fabric (see below to find out how much)
Coordinating thread

Alane did an excellent job describing how to figure out how much fabric you need. To do this, check your pillow size (16″ for mine), add 1″ for fabric width (so 17″ for me), and for the length you multiply the pillow size by 2 and add 6″ (so 16×2=32+6=38″.) So my fabric needed to be 17″ x 38″. Cut fabric to size.


Hem both short ends of the fabric.


Lay hemmed fabric right side up (right side being the side that will show on your finished product) and place pillow on top. Fold ends up & around pillow.



Pin together the two hemmed pieces at the edges…see my pins?


Slip the pillow out, pin down each side, & sew the side seams shut.


Turn pillow cover right side out & slip your pillow inside. (It fits the way many shams fit.)

Here’s the back…


And here’s the front!


It seriously doesn’t get much easier than that. I have a feeling my whole house full of pillows may get a makeover this fall…or next spring. We’ll see. 😉

Can you sew a (semi) straight line? If you can, you can pull this off! Promise!

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