DIY Boppy Cover (Adventures in Nursery Decor: Episode 4)

Boppy covers. Every nursing mom knows all about the boppy. But it’s not enough just to have a boppy, you have to have the covers. Multiple covers. Why? Because baby likes to do all kinds of (gross) things while on the boppy & changing the cover is a lot more convenient than putting the entire boppy out of commission for a cleaning.

With my first, I registered for a boppy pillow & 2 covers. It was awesome. I used my boppy literally thousands of times. We were BFFs. This time around, I’m lucky to have inherited a second boppy pillow from my sister (thanks sis!) but needed some covers for it (she has a girl and while I’m not against pink things for a boy at all–you’ll actually find me crabbing about the lack of pink polos & ties around Easter each year–I decided not to use the bright pink floral boppy cover it came with.) Anyway…boppy covers run anywhere from about $10-30 depending on what kind of material or “extras” (like piping) are used & designs are limited from store to store. Lucky for me I had leftover material from my curtain project, solid fleece was on super sale at the fabric store, & I found this tutorial with free pattern online. Bingo. Instant boppy covers (yes, I made 2!) for next to no cost that match the nursery decor perfectly & they honestly were not hard to make! (The hardest part was assembling the pattern pieces…the rest was a piece of cake!)

Let’s get started, shall we?

For 1 boppy cover you will need:

1 1/4 yards machine washable fabric (45″ width) (I used 2 different fabrics…one for the front (print) & one for the back (solid fleece) so I split this amount between the two.)
1-24″ zipper in a coordinating color
Thread in a coordinating color

You’ll also need to visit to obtain your free copy of the pattern. Take a peek at her full tutorial while you’re there. I did a few things a wee bit differently so feel free to follow along with whichever set of directions works best for you. 😊

Print the pattern according to directions (you need 2 copies of pattern pieces 3-6) and cut out all pieces. And don’t forget to pre-wash your fabric!


Like I said, assembling the pattern is definitely the trickiest part. The directions say the gray areas should overlap but then it says no gray should be showing when assembled. This confused me a bit at first but I ended up folding over some of the gray pieces, like this…


…and then once I lined it all up, it worked. It’s easier to show with pictures. Take a peek.



You see in that last picture that you end up with 3 pattern pieces. The piece on the right will make the front of your cover. The two on the left will be joined by the zipper to make the back of the cover. If you’re using 2 different fabrics, make sure you pin the correct pattern pieces to the correct fabric when the time comes.

First, you may have noticed that the pattern only makes half a cover…fold your fabric in half and line up the pattern on the fold (do not cut this fold…just cut around the rest of the pattern…then open to reveal one whole piece.) See pictures.






Once your pieces are cut, you’re really in the home stretch. Pin the zipper to the top piece of the fabric you are using for the back of the cover face down on the side of the fabric you will have facing out (the “right side” of the fabric.)


Baste this in place using the zipper foot on your machine.


Now flip the zipper over & use a straight stitch to finish the fabric up to the zipper teeth.


Repeat with the other back piece.


At this point, open the zipper several inches but not more than halfway (so you can turn the finished product right side out later) and lay the top & bottom pieces with “right sides” together. Pin all around. My back layer was a little bigger around than the top layer so I did a little trimming once it was pinned.



Sew all the way around using a 1/4″ seam allowance.


Turn boppy cover right side out.


Insert boppy pillow…


Enjoy the satisfaction of having created your own boppy cover! Not only did you likely save yourself a little money but you also got a 100% custom cover. I will use these covers for the boppy that will stay up in baby boy’s room since they are the same fabric the curtains are made from. I’m coordinated like that. 😉

I can’t tell you how much fun I am having creating so many of my own pieces for this nursery! It is slowly coming together & each piece gets me more & more excited to meet our new little man! I can’t wait!

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