DIY Lamp Decor (Adventures in Nursery Decor: Episode 3)

Sometimes I luck out & find a great piece to decorate my home at a great price that ties in beautifully with the decor. Other times…well…either I can’t find what I’m looking for (like with these curtains) or when I find it, I’m not a fan of the price tag, which was the case this time.

I spotted this lamp shade on the Pottery Barn Kids website. And while $32 (it was on sale…ha!) for a lamp shade may not seem like that much, I figured by the time I find a lamp base I liked to go with it, I’d be looking at spending more like $50 on this lamp.


I’m just not interested in dropping $50 on a lamp for the nursery. I have a hard time dropping $50 on anything. *sigh*

I figured I’d find something else eventually. Sure enough, while browsing the aisles at Target a few weeks later (anybody else get themselves in trouble doing this?!) I spotted this lamp, complete with white barrel shade, for $16.99.


The lamp style really compliments our home’s decor style and I knew the barrel shade would make for easy stripes without a lot of fuss. A spool of 2″ navy blue grosgrain ribbon (the shade is 8″ tall) and some clear gel tacky glue helped me complete this crazy easy project!

First thing’s first…I measured out how long my 2 ribbon stripes would need to be. They turned out to be 27″ long. Starting at the shade’s seam, apply just enough tacky glue to hold the ribbon in place without being messy or lumpy. Smooth the ribbon & begin wrapping it around the lamp shade, adding a small bead of glue here & there.



Finish off the first stripe with a very slight overlap if you’d like, or butt the ribbon right up against the other end. Secure with glue.


Notice I placed this first stripe against the top of the lamp. This helped me keep it nice & straight. If you have a good eye, you can eyeball the next stripe. If you’re like me (and don’t trust yourself) you can measure it out as you go to keep it nice & straight. Start at the seam again & glue periodically all the way around.



Voila! Instant coordination…and this took maybe 20 minutes. Now THAT’S the kind of project I like!


Place it back on the lamp & you’re all set!


Anyone else refuse to overspend on something you KNOW you can DIY much cheaper?? Show me your projects!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Lamp Decor (Adventures in Nursery Decor: Episode 3)

  1. I love it! That is super cute. I have had some luck finding lamp bases at resale shops like Goodwill. I am now insipred to craft!

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