Stitch Fix: Fashion Forward Delivered to Your Door

stitch fix: fashion forward delivered to your front door

It all started last Christmas. Daddysaurus asked me what I wanted and I asked for a gift certificate to Stitch Fix. I had heard from a colleague about this great service that would deliver clothes to your house for you to try on at your own convenience and ship back what you didn’t want in a prepaid envelope. It sounded to good to be true, but as hard as it is to find the time to shop since having the kiddos I thought I’d give it a try. Fashion is one of those things I’ve “let go,”  but from time to time it is nice to acknowledge the me that is not a mom, but just me. In my pre-Momma life I considered myself to be somewhat of a fashionista and loved shopping for trendy clothes. However, my wardrobe has been frozen in the fall of 2010 when I became a mother. Mommymentum confession: I still have a couple of maternity shirts I wear as part of my normal attire. The prospect of updating my closet without rushing through a Kohl’s clearance rack (which has often served me well!) was very enticing to me.

How does it work?

Start at the Stitch Fix website and fill out a style profile to assist your personal stylist in choosing the best clothes for your fix.  Answer questions about your size in shirts, pants, etc. It’s inquired how you like your clothes to fit: fitted, straight, mostly loose, or over sized. Next look at several style collections (similar to ones you’ve seen on Pinterest) and select a rating from hate it, don’t really like it,  like it, or love it. I loved this part! You are asked about your occupation, if you’re a mom, and how much of each fix should be work attire, laid back casual, date night, or special event. Select a price range for different articles of clothes and accessories: the cheaper the better, $50-$100, $100-$150, $150-$200, $200+.* Share a Twitter feed, Pinterest board, or Linkedin profile to help your stylist get a better idea of your style. Finally, leave notes to your stylist. Stitch Fix does not guarantee they can fulfill specific requests, but I felt my needs were met with great detail.  In the comments section I wrote, “I don’t like shorts, but love skirts.  I’m also searching for some cute Chevron pieces. I’ve had two kids so my middle section is kind of squishy so I get muffin top if clothes are too tight.  I also really need pants, but I have a hard time finding them. I have a small waist, big hips, and long legs. Pants often end up sagging or sliding down when I bend over and revealing my underwear. Thanks!”  Anyone else run into this? 🙂

*I only selected items from the cheaper the better and $50-$100 ranges.

How much does this cost? 

Upfront you pay a $20 styling fee. This will be applied toward your fix should you choose to purchase an item(s). If you don’t purchase an item you will forfeit the $20. After your fix arrives in the mail you have 3 days to try on your clothes in the privacy of your own home. I tried them on with other clothes and shoes I had which was really convenient. You keep what you want and your account is charged. You send back what you don’t in a prepaid envelope that comes with your fix. If you purchase all 5 items in your fix, you get 25% off your entire fix.

After ordering your fix it takes about a month for it to arrive.


In addition to this very nice note, you receive styling cards that demonstrate different ways to style your pieces. I liked this because I could scan it and compare it to my closet to see if these would be wearable items. Furthermore, I got some new ideas that I wouldn’t have tried on my own.

stitch fix styling cards

My fix consisted of:

  • Margaret M red skinny jeans $98
  • Fiancee orange and blue zig-zag top $44
  • Collective Concepts striped skirt $48
  • Collective Concepts brown and tan zig-zag blouse $68
  • Just Black boot cut jeans $88

This was a holiday splurge for me. I’ve never paid $98 for a pair of pants, let alone jeans. But after doing the math I realized that if I purchased all 5 items and saved 25%, I would save $80 which was almost a pair of pants for free. That’s how that works, right?

Here’s me pretending that I know how to take fashion blog photos. I do know that looking down is something I see a lot so I tried that. The first pic is the Fiancee top and Just Black jeans. Second is Collective Concepts blouse and Margaret M jeans. Last is the Collective Concepts skirt with my own Marilyn Monroe shirt.

blue and orange chevron, dark jeans

Navy Pier, Chicago

black and tan chevron top, burgandy pants

Back Deck, My House

black and white skirt

Urbanaire Red Carpet, St. Louis with my BFF

Easily woven into my wardrobe, my items updated my closet. The tops look casual with jeans or dress up with slacks or a pencil skirt. The black and white skirt screams for those heels you need a reason to wear.  And jeans that go all the way to the ground? Hallelujah! It’s a miracle. Both pairs of jeans are the best fitting jeans I’ve ever worn. And I didn’t have to go to a store and try on a million pairs to find them. They just showed up on my door step!

One downside is that 3 of the 5 pieces require dry cleaning. I just sneak them in with Daddysaurus’ work shirts every now and then. Also, after 3 wears the Margaret M skinny jeans got a hole in the seam. I was pretty upset (remember these were $98 jeans!) and I contacted Stitch Fix ASAP. The Stitch Fix customer service was friendly, efficient, and quick. They offered me a complete refund or 15% off my next fix. I really wanted an exchange because I loved the pants, but their merchandise is revolving and they didn’t have another pair to give me. So I went with the refund. Stitch Fix emailed me a label for paid postage to send back the pants and within 2 weeks the complete amount was refunded to me.  Sad to lose the pants, but happy to get my money back quickly since I wasn’t satisfied. I  mean, for $98 those pants should have been doing the dishes and mopping the floors!

I plan to get another fix in the near future, but not until after my family’s “birthday season” in which my mom, sister-in-law, husband, daughter, and son all celebrate their birthday within 6 weeks. It’s a tiny bit chaotic. But then my birthday rolls around in October and hopefully another Stitch Fix gift certificate comes my way!

Click here to get more details at Stitch Fix’s website!

Have you used Stitch Fix? If so I’d love to read about it in the comment section! Also, if you have any questions I’d be happy to provide answers.


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