Easy DIY Curtains (Adventures in Nursery Decor: Episode 2)

So here I am…35 weeks pregnant with my second child…with not a whole lot to show for it. Except, of course, my ever-expanding waistline.

What I mean, is that I have been seriously lacking in the nesting department thus far. Just this week I decided to pull out all of my older son’s newborn clothes & get them washed (still can’t believe we are having a second boy who will–hopefully–fit into all the same season clothes his older brother wore…can I get a woohoo?!) I have purchased a few items here & there & have been slowly stocking diapers in various sizes when I find a good deal but the nursery has sat relatively untouched since we moved Buddy into his big boy room last December.

So with paint on the walls & a quickly approaching due date, I decided I better get my rear in gear. Now remember from “Episode 1” that I chose a navy, white, & grey color scheme. Who knew this would be so challenging?!?! I FINALLY found solid navy crib sheets, brought them home & washed them, stuck one on the crib mattress, & was appalled at how NOT navy it was. Ugh. Super frustrating. Couldn’t find curtains I liked anywhere (in a store or online…come ON!) And when I finally spotted this lamp that I fell in love with…I did not fall in love with the price.


More on that lamp next week…

But for now, I have at least addressed the curtain issue. I made them myself. Now before anybody gets too excited I have a confession to make. I cheated…in the best way. I said I couldn’t find curtains I liked right? Well…I DID find a fabric shower curtain I like. And since the window in our nursery is small (it’s only 29″x55″) a shower curtain provided more than enough fabric for me to use…plus it comes already hemmed & finished so there’s minimal sewing involved. Bonus. Have I inspired you yet? Follow along…we’ll whip up these curtains in just a few simple steps!

Step 1: Measure your window & decide how wide you want your panels to be. I like to use the rule of 1 1/2-2 times the width of the window for both panels together. Since my window is 29″ wide, I went with 2-24″ panels giving me a total width of 48″ which is just over 1 1/2 times the width of my window. Clear as mud? Are you still with me? Ok good. I originally thought I would raise the bottom hem a few inches (the lowest stripe on the shower curtain is 14″ while all others are only 10″ & that was bothering my type A side…) but I decided to leave it.

Step 2: Cut two panels. Be smart about this! If you cut your 2 panels starting each one from the opposite side of the shower curtain (so you are essentially just cutting out the center of the curtain & leaving behind 2 panels) you will have less sewing to do!


Remember, measure twice, cut once!


Step 3: Pin a hem along the length of the curtain where you just cut. I went for a 1/2″ hem, realized I had a pretty crooked cut (oops) and did some adjusting to make it even. It all worked out ok!

Oh yes, and please please please iron your fabric before you pin & sew. Ideally it would even get ironed before cutting (which is probably why my cuts needed a little adjusting) but it is a must before sewing!


Step 4: Sew along pinned hem with coordinating thread. I used navy since that’s what all the other stitching was done with.


Step 5: Fold over the top of the shower curtain (where the little slits are for the shower curtain rings…we don’t want those to show anyway) and pin in place. Sew this to create a pocket for the curtain rod. (If you look closely you can see one of those slits we’re hiding right next to the pin.)


That’s it folks. Hang up your curtains & enjoy how beautiful they are and how little work it took to make them!


Of course, you can do this with just about any fabric shower curtain…just be sure to check the dimensions of your window against the dimensions of the curtain to make sure you have enough fabric before you start cutting.

Now…what to do with all that extra navy & white striped fabric…..


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