Healthy Breakfast: Fridge Oats Four Ways

Fridge Oats

I didn’t used to be a breakfast person. Don’t get me wrong…I was a HUGE weekend breakfast fan (bacon, eggs, pancakes, french toast…whatever I could whip up) but during the week…meh. I could do without. And I often did. But now I know better. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? How many times have we been told that? Too many. But it’s true…so it’s good to be reminded of this important fact once in a while.

Last week I shared a serious breakfast treat (drool) and while I love indulgent breakfast foods…most days I prefer to start my day with a healthier spread. When cereal and a glass of oj just isn’t cutting it I whip up a few of these (takes just a couple minutes in the evening and you have breakfasts for days!)

I was introduced to fridge oats last summer when I saw severla of my friends posting about them on Facebook. After a bunch of googling and experimenting, I’ve come up with a concoction that my husband and I really enjoy. And Buddy has even started stealing bites of ours and loving it, which I love too. 🙂

Fridge Oats Four Ways

(single serving)

1/2 cup quick oats

1/2 cup milk (I use skim…dairy free friends, rice milk should work just fine!)

fresh fruit (your choice…I like strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries, and even applesauce!)

1-2 tsp. brown sugar

chocolate chips (optional)

cinnamon (optional)

Grab a small tupperware container (note I’m making 4 “flavors” at once in my pictures) and dump in oats.

Fridge Oats

Wash up some fruit.

Fridge Oats

Chop up the fruit and dump it in with the oats. For applesauce, just throw in a big scoop…don’t worry about measuring.

Fridge Oats

Pour in the milk.

Fridge Oats

Don’t forget the brown sugar! (It adds just a touch of sweetness. I have used honey in its place and while not quite as sweet, it’s still pretty good!)

Fridge Oats

Toss in a few chocolate chips if you want or add some cinnamon to the applesauce flavor. Stir well. Pop a top on those bad boys and stick them in the fridge overnight. You can make several days’ worth and just leave em in there until you’re ready to eat. These are awesome cold, straight out of the fridge (so perfect for summer!) or you can toss them in the microwave for a bit. When I add chocolate chips I like to nuke mine for 45 seconds…it’s just enough heat that when I stir it up the chocolate mixes in. Mmmmmm. Buddy pretty much always asks to share when chocolate is involved. 🙂 Love that kid. And love this healthy breakfast!


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