Pack Your Bags Mama!

With 6 weeks left to go (give or take…I have my fingers crossed for slightly less time…just slightly though!) I am starting to think about what’s gonna make the cut for my hospital bag for this baby. (And no…I haven’t gotten any further on the nursery yet…maybe next week.) I was chatting with a friend who is due just before me the other night (this is her first) and she asked if I had any tips/suggestions. *blank* What did I even pack last time?! Too much. But that’s really all I remember.

I told her to make sure she has chapstick & extra hair ties but other than that, I was ZERO help. Didn’t I just do this three short years ago? Yep, sure did; three years to the day (Happy Birthday Buddy!)

I remember hanging out in a hospital gown until the last day (goal: wear my own clothes this time to feel more human!) and having a whole separate “labor bag” that never even got opened. Well…except for the snacks. Pretty sure Hubby got into the snacks. 😉 I also remember having several “coming home outfits” in the bag. Get a grip Lauren. One outfit this time.

So basically, I packed a bunch of clothes for both me & Buddy that didn’t get worn, some random items I thought I’d need during labor (tennis balls, handheld massager, small foam roller…yeah didn’t even give those a thought,) and basic toiletries.

So mom friends…what did YOU pack in your hospital bag? What would you pack differently if you could do it all over? And, perhaps most importantly, who is coming over to pack my bag for me? (Only half kidding…)


8 thoughts on “Pack Your Bags Mama!

  1. I packed a really light weight robe. I got it at target and it didnt even really look like a robe, more like a longer lighter sweater. It was perfect to wear over a nursing tank top. Easy to cover up, easy to uncover. Another good tip for first time mommy’s is pack some baggy pants. Yoga pants and stretch pants are really comfortable, but looser is better when you are recovering.
    Hard to believe its been 3 years, and even harder to believe only a few more weeks! Keep feeling good!

  2. Okay, so what I finally ended up packing was this: gym shorts and tee shirts, a dress to go home in (in case it’s too painful to put on the stretch pants I packed or in case I end up having a c-section), nursing bra, breast pads, boppy pillow, old granny panties that I don’t care about, camera, batteries, makeup (ha!), toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, loofah, receiving blanket, going home outfit for baby, baby mittens, baby socks and a hat.

    I don’t anticipate needing it all, but I guess we’ll see!

    How do you think I did? 🙂

  3. Although it’s been SO many years since I packed my bag, I do remember being grateful for a couple of pairs of warm socks.

  4. Hmm.. I’ll pack for you. But only if you don’t peek until you get there:). Then again a good belly laugh might not be what you need at that point!

  5. I loved having a lightweight robe the second time, too. A good playlist on a mobile device was nice. And a sleep mask- all those hospital lights never go all the way off. Plus being the huge dork I am, I brought a binder with empty page protectors to store all those papers you’re supposed to keep track of right after giving birth and a clipboard for the nursing chart.

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