Adventures in Nursery Decor (episode 1)

Now that we are settled into summer & I’m 32 weeks along (yikes!) my husband & I decided we better start working on the nursery. I thought you all might get a kick out of following along with the process…it’s sure to be…well…an adventure.

I’ve been busy pinning away over on Pinterest, trying to find just the right look, & finally decided to go pretty soft & classic with a simple navy, grey, & white color pallet. I remember showing this to my husband for the first time…”Oh yeah, that looks nice. I like the nautical theme.” Now. When I hear the word “nautical” I think sailors, sailboats, rope, gold buttons, anchors, nets, etc. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with “nautical,” I’m not looking to add any of those types of accessories or thematic elements to this room. Just borrowing from the color pallet. Happy accident.

I did consider adding a few more contemporary touches…especially in fabric patterns. Think chevron, ikat, etc…then decided to keep it more classic with solids & stripes.

And just when I thought those decisions would be the hard part…I had to choose a paint color. I knew I wanted a very light grey…what I didn’t know (despite all the trouble I had choosing a grey for our laundry room makeover) was how hard it would be to find just the right grey. There are so many undertones to sort through…it’s almost impossible to find a “true” grey.

Here are the samples we purchased & tried…


That bottom one is actually the color we used in the laundry room. Much darker & more blue/grey than I was looking for but I still love that color!

So what’d we choose??


This one! We decided the far left is going to be perfect for our guest room…when we get around to painting it. The middle shade was just too light. It looked white in daylight & was barely noticeable in regular room lighting. The one on the right looks perfectly grey in daylight & plays more toward a light grey/blue in our lovely ceiling fan lighting. I’m perfectly content with this.

My amazing hubby knocked out all the priming & painting so now we are all ready to get to work on decorating the room. It’s pretty plain & bare in there now.




I’m just about ready to do a little DIY/crafting to create some of the pieces for the room (I’m even half considering recovering the glider…just not sure it’s worth the trouble) but was hoping you all could help inspire me. Seen any really cute nursery decor lately? I’d love for you to share! You can leave a comment here, on FB, or send me an email at Lauren.Mommymentum {at} gmail {dot} com


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