5 Travel Tries Part 2: The Analysis

5 travel tries part 2

Last week I posted 5 ideas I intended to try for our upcoming vacation.  I’m ready to give you the scoop on what worked and what did not. But before I begin, here’s a little background on the what the trip entailed. We drove from St. Louis to Perdido Key, Florida. Our drive took about 13 hours each way. We had two children, ages 3 and 1, in our crossover. The kids each napped about 2 hours each way, but not concurrently (of course).

1. Good Bags for Kids

To refresh your memory, a Good Bag is a collection of snacks created by a pediatrician to help you keep your little ones healthy while traveling.

1 and up good bag good bag 3 and up


-The kids actually ate it! I have to admit I didn’t think they’d go for some of the items with new textures like the blueberry Twizzler-type bar, but they did. And I was surprised to find they both enjoyed the pouches of fruit. We’d try those a couple of months ago and they didn’t like them so it was good to reintroduce and discover a new snack option.

– The variety in each bag

– Incredibly convenient! I wish I’d purchased one for the ride home because all the snacks were gone by the time we arrived.


– The kids didn’t go for the “lemonade” fish oil packet. We didn’t use the pro-biotic straws either, but I’m hanging on to them. I’ll update you if we do.

– The so-called “toy” was lame. For the 1 year-old bag it was 4 crayons. And ironically, it said “for ages 3+”on the package. The toy for the 3 year-old bag was an “Ickee Stikeez” which was a strawberry-sized transparent ball with a little porcupine creature inside. And it had a suction cup on the bottom. Weird. Again, the age on the toy was for a child above the age the bag was targeted for.

-The price: $6-9 per bag.

Would I do it again?

Yes, it was convenient for the car trip. It didn’t take up much space in the car. I wouldn’t do it regularly, but once a year for vacation was good.

2. Travel Trays

These probably would have worked for some children. However, it did not work well for mine. My stealthy son, who does not like to be confined, snuck his foot up under the tray and pushed it until the strap broke. :-/  He refused it to come near him after he completed his mission.


– For the brief 45 minutes we used these trays, they were a good surface for writing and snacking.


– Hard to unstrap or remove while driving. I think this would really been good for a short ride or daily commute.

– Took up a lot of space in the car when they weren’t being used.

Would I do it again?

I’ll hang on to them and try again in a couple years. I’ll get back to you.

3. Travel Presents

I sort of hoarded these, but I was so glad I did. When we would reach those inconsolable moments of a tantrum (“I want to watch the movies at home!”) whipping out a present was the reboot we needed. It just brought a smile and an excitement that kept us all going.

bag o' presents


– Very motivating!

– You can take items you were going to give your kids anyway and make them fun. A carton of goldfish or a pair of sunglasses are so much for fun if you get to unwrap them first!


– It can be time-consuming to wrap 10-20 little gifts right before you leave for vacation.

– An added expense before a trip isn’t a good thing.

Would I do it again?


4. Library Resources

The Playaway View was something new and cool that both kids enjoyed. While they didn’t watch the entire movie, it was just something new to do. I also forgot to mention that we rented several DVDs from our library which turned out to be great. Again, just something new to keep them occupied as we crossed 4 states.

library resources



– Something new is always good on a long car trip.


– The small screen was good for a single viewer, but both kids couldn’t watch it at once. We tried using the headphone jack, but our kids don’t do headphones yet.

Would I do it again?

Free entertainment? YES!

5. Mommy Moment

I know this makes me sound silly, but I LOVED my neck pillow. I had no idea how nice it would be for a long car ride. I highly recommend it. 🙂 The eye mask was great for napping.


– Mommy Relaxation (an oxymoron, I know) is important for everyone’s well-being. It helps you from losing it when your seat is kicked for the 100th time or you have to sing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” with a big smile.


-I think I could have found less expensive versions of what I purchased.

Would I do it again?

For sure!

Daddysaurus Bonus 

We took Daddysaurus’s new car and he had the great idea to put a plastic drop cloth under the car seats and over the seat. It was really genius because we actually found a puddle of standing water at the end of the trip. Luckily, his seat was protected from all the Cheez-Its, milk, and Cheerios that made the trip with us.

So there you have it. What have you done to make your travel with little ones either?


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