From the Potty Training Trenches (Vol 1)

Friends. The time has come. We are potty training Buddy.

I have done a ton of reading on the topic, attended a potty training 101 class, and asked around…but I feel SO unprepared for this. However, with my husband & I both home all week this week & all of our summer travels behind us, the time was right.

Feeling brave, we stuck him in big boy underwear this morning. Four hours & three accidents later, he had suddenly figured out how to stop the flow as soon as it started so that “accident” #4 was nothing more than two drops on the front of his underwear.

Then, as we got ready to head upstairs for one last potty break before his nap, Hubby saw him do a little dance/jump & asked if he had an accident. Nope. But there it was, a single drop of tinkle on his underwear. But…THIS time when he sat down on the potty, he went!!!! (It’s worth noting, perhaps, that up until this point he has not actually gone to the bathroom on the potty for us. Not even once.)

Now, is my son potty trained? Not even close. But I cannot tell you how amazed I am at how much his little body figured out in one morning!

I’ll check in periodically with updates, what’s working for us, strategies we are trying, etc. but today I need your help!

Please please please share in the comments below & tell me your #1 piece of potty training advice! What has worked in your house??


6 thoughts on “From the Potty Training Trenches (Vol 1)

  1. “Give away” all the diapers! Have him help put all of them into a box or gift bag to give to your friend who just had a baby. Or he could help wrap them up for new baby brother/sister to use later. I had to make L think that any disposable diaper that fit her was out of the house (she didn’t seem to care about all the cloth bc they didn’t have “her number 4” on them. From that day, it was undies during the day and pull-up at bedtime… And the number of wet pull-ups we’ve had to change in the middle of the night or taken off in the morning has been minimal – maybe one every three weeks these days? But that’s worth it to me – I don’t love the idea of changing sheets in the middle of the night. We randomly started back in Feb one afternoon and haven’t looked back! Yes, we had accidents at first, but she became very aware of her body very quickly. Buddy is pretty darn smart. He’ll get it quickly, too. Good luck!

  2. I have no experience potty training, but love to hear/read others’ stories so I am more prepared when the time comes! Keep the advice flowing and I can’t wait to see how buddy does!

  3. We stayed home for about three days, so we wouldn’t have to leave the house and find a potty in an emergency. We spent those three days completely in underwear or bare bottomed. For Jake, all it took was brand new Scooby Doo underwear! He walked around saying, “no pee pee on Scooby Doo,” and he didn’t!

    • Haha that’s awesome Dorie! I had bought a big pack of bright colored briefs when I found them on clearance a couple months ago & tried to get him to pick some out this weekend but he wasn’t interested in the ones we found. I keep hearing from everyone that the third day is magical…I have very high hopes for Wednesday! 😉

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