Yoga for Kids

I love yoga. The stretching, the quiet time to unplug, the opportunity for “me” time in the truest sense…I love it all. I’ve been an on and off participant in my adult life, have a couple dvds I have used, and am currently attending weekly prenatal yoga classes at one of our local hospitals.

Recently, Buddy started asking if he could come to yoga with me. Well, no. I don’t think the room full of women at various stages of pregnancy (most happen to be first-time moms but there are a couple of us on our second or third) would appreciate having a 2-year-old in the room. 😉 Sure, there are times when he would likely provide some much needed comic relief…like when we’re all stuck in goddess-pose, legs trembling, wondering if we’re gonna be able to get our big ol’ bellies back up to standing when the instructor tells us to break the pose. I can only image what he’d say. But no, he can’t come with me.

But that got me thinking…surely there’s a yoga class SOMEWHERE I could take him. I think he’d really get a kick out of it and he’s obviously showing interest. Not to mention, the benefits of yoga for children are numerous. So I started searching…and depending on your child’s age, there are several options from Mommy & Me classes (for infants as young as 4 weeks to classes tailored to toddlers & preschoolers), youth classes, and even classes for teens. Here’s just a sampling of what I found…

This article from KSDK was released last summer and includes almost a dozen options for yoga classes for various ages (as well as adults!). These classes take place at many area yoga studios, hospitals, and more. You’re sure to find one that would work for you in this list.

But then I got to thinking…surely the local community colleges have options too right? Well, some. St. Louis Community college offers lots of adult options & one Mommy & Me class. St. Charles Community College offers adult yoga classes only. Jefferson College is not offering any yoga classes at this time (but they do offer tumbling, dance, and swim classes for various ages…another fun option.)

St. Louis Community College (check out the recreation section of continuing education)

St. Charles Community College (offers classes for adults but no kids’ classes that I could find)

So what do you think? Would your child be interested in taking yoga classes??


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