Easter Candy Conundrum

easter candy_Fotor

In my family sweets are synonymous with celebration. Holidays are accompanied with sugar at its finest: cookies, candy, cakes. The downfall, of course, is the temptation for my children and me to over indulge until it’s gone. This weekend I tried to find some ways to use up our Easter candy and not go into sugar shock. My first way was to make some of Lauren’s Super Easy Two-Ingredient Easter Bark to send to work with Daddysaurus. So easy, so yummy, Easter marshmallows gone!

Two-Ingredient Easy Easter Bark


Second, I thought about cutting the unhealthy factor of the candy with some whole grains and serving up some chocolate peanut butter pancakes! Chopping up some Reese’s eggs and dropping them in my batter was a yummy brunch!

pancake 1



Finally, I used our plethora of jellybeans to practice math skills like sorting and patterns. Since I hadn’t put away my egg-dying containers I used those along with a few extra bowls to create sorting containers for The Bear and Baybay.

jellybeans 1

Once the sorting was complete I cut a strip of duct tape and we made jellybean patterns. Of course, we ate a few jellybeans, but most of them ended up on the tape.

jellybeans 2

I hate for the delicious candy to go to waste, but I also know it is just too tempting to leave sitting around. Our Kipp’s rabbits went into the freezer and will make a wonderful surprise in July. We still have a little bit left, but the mountain has become a molehill.

What do you do with a surplus of sweets? I’d love some suggestions!



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