DIY Infinity Scarf

Sprouting a baby belly is an amazing thing. Even with this being my second time stretching myself, quite literally, to unimaginable proportions, I am absolutely intrigued by the daily changes taking place around (and I do mean around) my midline. One thing I’ve found though, is that it’s not always the easiest task to look or feel cute.

I recently sent a selfie to a group of girlfriends who live all across the Midwest asking if my outfit was ok before a family gathering. Responses were favorable, but I was very thankful for the suggestion/reminder to add some accessories! I don’t own a lot in the way of “fun” jewelry…I pretty much always sport stud earrings & my personalized necklace from Made by Maggie (because they are my favorite favorite favorite things to wear & “go” with pretty much everything.) But I DO have a lot of scarves!

I grabbed a lightweight one (it was pretty warm that day,) tied the ends together, & wore it like an infinity scarf. Loved it. I have a couple infinity scarves, but they are black/darker & I was looking for something more springy.

The next morning, I was getting ready for Easter mass & decided that outfit needed a scarf too. But I didn’t have a scarf that “worked” with what I had planned to wear. And when you’re working with a somewhat limited maternity wardrobe, outfits must be carefully planned in advance with last minute outfit changes only happening in “emergency” situations. (aka your preschooler dumps his bowl of cereal in your lap) Lucky for me I had gotten up a little early, Buddy was still sleeping, & I had recently purchased a couple yards of bright, airy fabric. Yes, that’s right folks, I sewed my own infinity scarf on Easter morning, before mass, and still made it to church early. It’s that simple.

DIY Infinity Scarf

You will need:

2 yards of fabric (You’re looking for a fabric that won’t need “finishing” or that won’t unravel…knits generally work well for this but if you want to use something different & aren’t sure, strike up a convo with one of the workers at your local fabric store…they are always happy to make suggestions!)

Matching thread

Sewing machine or needle to sew by hand


Measuring tape or ruler

Your favorite fitting infinity scarf (I used one that I loved to get an idea of how wide & long I needed to make my fabric…2 yards worked well for the length & I cut my fabric about 26″ wide.)

Cut your fabric to the desired length & width. Mine was 72″ by 26″. I’m 5’8″ tall…if you’re significantly shorter or find that you don’t like how long store-bought infinity scarves are on you, you might want to adjust the length accordingly.

Turn fabric so it’s right side (the side you want to see when you’re wearing it) face up. Then fold it over & match up the ends so it’s now half as long as it was & you are now seeing the side of the fabric you don’t want to show when you’re wearing it.

DIY Infinity Scarf

Pin the two ends together every few inches.

DIY Infinity Scarf

Sew along the edge to make it into one big loop of fabric. My fabric was a little tricky, I couldn’t just run a straight line of stitching. Instead, I had to sew each individual woven stripe, skipping over the looser stripes in between. Took a little longer, but ultimately wasn’t a big deal.

DIY Infinity Scarf

Turn the scarf right side out.

DIY Infinity Scarf

Boom, ready to wear!

DIY Infinity Scarf

(Had to show off the bump…22+ weeks now!)

Doesn’t get a whole lot easier than that! And if you find fabric on sale or use a coupon, you can make the perfect scarf at a fraction of the cost of buying one! So much to love about this super simple DIY project.

Do you like to sew? I love it but usually only find time for quick projects these days…I have a dress that’s been waiting to be finished for 2 years now. Sigh. This infinity scarf is much more my style!

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