6 Week Stories: Top 5 Birthday (or Mother’s Day hint hint) Gifts for Mom

Top 5 Birthday Gifts

For the final installment in my 6 Week Stories on birthdays I thought I’d shift  the focus from kids and parties to moms and gifts!  As a mom, I know it’s easy to overlook ourselves. I never thought I’d say this, but I rarely have time to shop for myself these days and when I do I feel guilty splurging on myself. But I have a few gift ideas that you may like to pass along for your next birthday (or Mother’s Day next month). As a subtle hint, leave this post open on your computer for a kid, husband, significant other, spouse or baby daddy to come across. For days. Or weeks. Eventually they’ll get it.  (This actually worked for me once!) 🙂

1. Clarisonic


This is a splurge- no doubt. But OMG I LOVE IT! After I had my daughter, my skin really changed. I had discoloration, weird texture issues, lots of oily spots and dry patches.  The Clarisonic gives me a clean fresh feeling and brightens my face in 60 seconds. I love that I can use it in the shower. I watched a really short tutorial video and in a few days my skin was looking and feeling better. It was a great gift.

2.  A piece of jewelry from Made by Maggie

My first Mother's Day gift

My first Mother’s Day gift

Maggie worked with Lauren and I before she changed careers to become a mother and jewelry designer. I love her elegant and creative design. One of my first pieces was this necklace with The Bear’s initial and “Est. 2010” on the charm. The unique and versatile look made it one of my favorite pieces to wear. Maggie has great sales and giveaways on Facebook- Follow her on Facebook to get in on it!

3. A family photo shoot


I would LOVE to show up somewhere beautiful (a park, the Botanical Gardens, my backyard) with my kids (and husband) dressed and ready to go.  While hiring a professional photographer would be amazing, a friend or relative could capture some great moments  I always am on the “other side” of the camera and secretly crave more pictures of me with my family. A gift card or Groupon to Shutterfly or other photo service would be a nice touch once the photos are shared or developed.

4. Chocolate Pro Melting Pot

Whether she is dipping cake balls, buckeyes, (regular or nut-free), Oreo pops or just enjoying some fondue this little pot will be a big winner!

Wilton Chocolate Pro

5.  A book and some time

I have a great stack of books I’d love to dive into, but by the time I get everything settled in the evenings my eyes are too tired to read. I think a book and a calendar with 5-10 hours of time promised to read the book would be something I would treasure.



I’d love some more idea. What was your best birthday or Mother’s Day gift? What is your dream gift?


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