Spring Cleaning Challenge: Complete!

Spring Cleaning Challenge 2014

Hooray! We did it! We’re at the end of the 2014 Spring Cleaning Challenge!

Is your house tremendously cleaner? Noticeably cleaner? A teeny bit cleaner? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those, woohoo! If not, get back to work! 😉 Kidding…sorta.

In case you’re still working through all the challenges, I thought I’d post the full list of all 21 of them for you to reference as you go. (And don’t worry…I’m still working on finishing up my baseboards and will take the Easter window clings down sometime this week and get the rest of my windows sparkling then…so even I’m not completely finished yet!)

Day 1: Top of the fridge and the microwave

Day 2: Countertops

Day 3: Pantry

Day 4: Stove/Oven & range hood

Day 5: Fridge & Freezer

Day 6: Dishwasher & Tupperware

Day 7: Junk Drawer

Day 8: Coat Closet

Day 9: Bedroom Closets

Day 10: Fireplace

Day 11: Linen Closet

Day 12: Floors

Day 13: Garage

Day 14: Car

Day 15: Blinds/Shutters

Day 16: Windows

Day 17: Windowsills

Day 18: Baseboards & Couches (vacuum underneath & under cushions)

Day 19: Wash pillows & dust ceiling fans

Day 20: Washer & Dryer

Day 21: Smart Phone

I’m always looking for ways to organize different places around our home to make it more efficient and less cluttered. If you have an idea, I’d love for you to share it with me!


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