Spring Cleaning Challenge: The Homestretch!


Spring Cleaning Ryan Gossling

(Photo Credits: Stock Photo Guy, iStockphoto; Ryan Gosling, Tom & Lorenzo, and Joslyn Gray.)

I cannot explain why that picture makes me laugh so hard. These Ryan Gosling “memes” have popped up all over the place…why not on Gaining Mommymentum? Yeah I thought so too.

Anyway, homestretch! Who’s ready for the final week of the Spring Cleaning Challenge?! Have you kept up all along? Which challenges have you skipped or fallen behind on? I hope you’ve been able to keep up and are enjoying a much cleaner house these days!

This week we’ll wrap things up by looking to the perimeter of our house, as well as a few other miscellaneous locations.  We’ll tackle blinds and shutters, windows, window sills, baseboards, under our furniture (yikes), and freshen up our pillows, washer/dryer, and cell phones!

Are you ready? be sure to check Facebook around mid-day every day this week to see what that day’s particular challenge is! On your mark…get set…CLEAN!


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