Dying Easter Eggs with an Egg Allergy

Dying Easter Eggs with an Egg Allergy

We knew about Buddy’s egg allergy at Easter last year, but at only 20 months, we weren’t gonna be dying Easter eggs anyway, so this was a non-issue. This year was the first time I realized, or so I thought, that we would have to give up this traditional Easter activity in our house. After a very scary trip to the ER almost a year ago, eggs aren’t even allowed in my house (though we are still hopeful that he may one day outgrow his egg allergy…we’ll see.)

Then, a couple weeks ago, I heard about these great dyable plastic Easter eggs available at WalMart. (I couldn’t find them at Target but I have heard that some craft stores also carry them!) After a visit to the egg dying aisle, I found them! And at just $1.97/dozen, the price isn’t far off from purchasing a dozen eggs…plus there’s no need to hard boil and refrigerate these so they are more suitable for decoration too! (Where were these when I was teaching kindergarten?!)

Dying Easter Eggs with an Egg Allergy

The kit comes with the eggs, little colored cardboard rings to display your eggs, and a dipper. If you have food coloring and vinegar at home, you’re set! I chose to use an egg dying kit with the little tablets cause I didn’t have much in the way of food coloring at the time.

Everything works eggs-actly (hehe) as it does with real eggs (minus the hard boiling and refrigeration!!) EXCEPT that it’s VERY hard to get the color to take beyond pastels (the packaging warns of this.) So if you’re looking for super bright Easter eggs, you might have to get creative with your dye technique. I was perfectly happy with the pastel results we achieved.

Dying Easter Eggs with an Egg Allergy

Buddy had so much fun with this activity and I was so happy to provide another little piece of “normal” through an old holiday tradition. I even shot his preschool teacher an email about the eggs in case they wanted to dye eggs in their classroom & she was excited to hear about them! Honestly, egg allergy or not, I would have preferred to use these in my classroom when I was a teacher.

What other Easter traditions do you share with your children?


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