Top 8 Allergen Free Puppy Chow

Top 8 Allergen Free Puppy Chow

Every once in a while, my chocolate-peanut butter cravings become too much for me. I have come to enjoy tolerate Wowbutter (made from roasted soy & IMHO the closest thing to actual peanut butter that is nut free) but now that Buddy cannot have soy (at least for a little while) I have switched to sunbutter when necessary. Straight up, neither of these are peanut butter, so if you are used to peanut butter, you may not be a fan. HOWEVER, when I use these products in recipes (“peanut butter” cookies for example) they taste just like the real thing.

So like I said, my chocolate-peanut butter craving was getting a little out of hand earlier this week and I needed to figure out a way to have that flavor on hand without bringing peanut butter into my house. Puppy chow. I needed to have puppy chow. With a bit of quick thinking and some allergy friendly ingredients, I whipped up a batch that I’m ashamed to say is almost completely gone already…less than 48 hours later. Oops. (In my defense, Hubby and Buddy have definitely helped with the consumption…this stuff is DELICIOUS!)

Here’s everything you need!

Top 8 Allergen Free Puppy Chow

Top 8 Allergen Free Puppy Chow (or Muddy Buddies)

8-9 cups gluten free rice Chex

1-10 oz. bag Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips

1/2 cup sunbutter

1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

Melt chocolate and sunbutter together in a microwave-safe bowl. (I melted on high for 1 minute, stirred, then 30 more seconds.)

Top 8 Allergen Free Puppy Chow

Pour in the chex cereal. (Buddy was helping, as usual.)

Top 8 Allergen Free Puppy Chow

Stir well to coat cereal.

Top 8 Allergen Free Puppy Chow

Measure powdered sugar into a gallon-sized zip top bag & scoop chocolate-sunbutter coated Chex on top. Seal the bag completely.

Top 8 Allergen Free Puppy Chow

Shake until powdered sugar coats all cereal. (This is the best part for your child…but DO make sure that bag is sealed all the way!)

Top 8 Allergen Free Puppy Chow

I do suggest serving in a small bowl to help with portion control…any time I open the bag to grab “just one clump” I can’t control myself. If I pour it in a bowl, I’m more likely (though not always) to eat just what I’ve given myself rather than mindlessly eating the entire bag.

Top 8 Allergen Free Puppy Chow

I bet if I had this up against a bowl of the “real” stuff I’d be able to taste the difference but as it stands I sure can’t. This is just as amazing and addictive as its peanut butter-filled cousin. I’m currently trying to convince myself that just because there is cereal in it does not mean it is a breakfast food…we’ll see how long that lasts. 😉

Happy snacking!



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