6 Week Stories: 5 Easy Birthday Cakes

5 easy birthday cakes

1988. Barbie and the Rockers Birthday Cake. Happiest 8 year-old girl on the block!

My mom made me some incredible birthday cakes growing up. I have always hoped to do the same for my kids. I promised last week when I had to trade-off blogging for other life demands that I would give you two birthday posts this week to make up for it and I’m really excited to share these 5 cakes. I made them so I can guarantee they are easy as I’ve never taken a cake decorating class or had any cake decorating training (other than a few YouTube videos). Here it goes!

1. Robot Cake: 1 8×8 cake, 1 9×13 cake, a bunch of Dollar Store candy, can of icing

Initially it cracked. :-(

Initially it cracked. 😦

Nothing a little candy can't fix!

Nothing a little candy can’t fix!

Extreme close up!

Extreme close up!

2. Cupcake Train Cake: 2 dozen cupcakes, frosting (used recipe on powdered sugar box), a photo of The Bear to put in the engineer’s window, a cake board, and this Wilton cake decorating kit. I did have to buy the 1M tip additionally to get a big swirl. I’ve included a video I watched to help me learn the swirl (or rose) technique (start at 2:08).

train template


cupcake train cake

3. Cupcake Dress Cake: 2 dozen cupcakes, Wilton Ready-to-use Decorating Icing, red food coloring, pearl strands and bling (from Michael’s). This is the dress I made for my SIL’s fairy tale wedding shower (click here for more details), but I think it would be great for a princess party! I used the same 1M icing tip and technique I used for the train.

dress template cupcake dress cake

4. Doughnut Smiley Faces: 2 dozen mini-doughnuts, colorful cupcake wrappers, candy eyes, red icing. (I also used the icing as adhesive for the eyes.) Okay, so I know these aren’t exactly a “cake,”  but I sent these treats to The Bear’s first pre-K birthday party and they were a big hit! The teachers even thanked me for the appropriate portion size for 3-5 year-olds.

doughnut smiley faces

5. Mounds Cake: There are a lot of ingredients to this bad boy, but I definitely will be adding some food coloring to the coconut icing for a birthday party in the near future. This one takes a little more time, but it’s easy peasy. Click here for the full ingredients and directions.

mounds cake


If you love cake, you’ll love next week’s cake ball extravaganza! I’ll be sharing my favorite cake balls that will add a special touch to your birthday party!


7 thoughts on “6 Week Stories: 5 Easy Birthday Cakes

  1. That would make it a fantastic birthday! Gee, do I have to wait all the way till August before you make another one? 🙂

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