Spring Cleaning Challenge Check Up

Soooo…how are things?? Raise your hand if you are LOVING your super clean kitchen!! Me! Pick me!

I’ll admit there are a couple items that have (temporarily) found their way back to the counter but we have done a pretty nice job of keeping things organized if I do say so myself. I’m even getting used to the look of having the top of my microwave visible. 😉

So where do we go from here you ask? The answer is this: a little bit of everywhere! This week we’ll be tackling closets all over the house, as well as vanities & medicine cabinets, and we’ll even head outside to take a looksie at our cars & garages. This is definitely a good week to have a bag (or 6!) available to drop donations in as we go. Keep a notebook & pen handy to itemize as you sort (if you’re into that sort of tax savings thing…I am!) and plan a trip to your favorite charity’s drop off location for this weekend.

Ready???? Let’s go!



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