Iiiiit’s a….Gender Reveal!

We had our ultrasound this morning! It wrapped up a very busy week for us which worked out well cause it kept us looking forward to something exciting to get through all the rest of the craziness. I didn’t feel nervous this time around but I was anxious…just ready to know.

Gender Reveal

Anyway, let’s get to it shall we? You all aren’t here to read my babble…you just wanna know what baby is! Right? Right.

Yesterday I asked on Facebook if anyone had a guess about baby’s sex…the results were close but Team Pink took the FB vote by a slim margin.

Hate to break it to you FB…but this baby is all BOY!

Gender Reveal

We are so excited for Buddy to have his own little buddy in a few months. And it’s an extra bonus that their birthdays will be pretty close together so (hopefully) all those boy clothes I have painstakingly sorted by size & season & packed away over the past few years will work perfectly for baby boy 2.0.

We are in love already. Let the nursery decorating begin!


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