2014 Spring Cleaning Challenge

Spring Cleaning Challenge 2014

Hello and welcome to the 2014 Spring Cleaning Challenge!

I’ve followed along with several of these types of cleaning challenges in the past…eventually falling off the bandwagon & not getting a whole lot accomplished. When I set up this challenge last week, I focused on my own house for inspiration. We’ve only been living here 8 or so months but there are A LOT of things that need some serious attention. So what you might notice is that some of these challenges won’t “work” for you (for example…if you don’t have a fireplace, you won’t have a fireplace to clean that day…lucky you!) Feel free to use days like that to tackle an area of your house that we might miss, spend an extra day working on a project you didn’t finish the day before or earlier in the week, or just enjoy the time with a good book. Also know that I set this up to fit in 21 days…if that doesn’t work for you, use the challenges to make yourself a list and keep plugging away as you have time. This also means we aren’t going to get to every corner of the house but don’t let that keep you from cleaning things around your abode that need attention! And remember to keep up with your regular cleaning, of course. I won’t be including things like “clean the toilets” or “do the dishes.” That’s all up to you.

As you’re cleaning, I’d also like to encourage you to set out a few boxes or bags in which you can toss items you might not want or need anymore. If you’re feeling like you need some motivation in that area, schedule a garage sale for the week after we finish the challenge OR schedule a local charity to come pick up your donation the week after we finish the challenge (don’t forget to itemize for your taxes next year!) Of course there’s always the option to drive it to Goodwill or another thrift shop’s donation site but if you’re like me, you’re much more likely to stick it on the porch for the Vietnam Vets or Salvation Army. Free and convenient…doesn’t get much easier than that.

So…are you ready to get started? We’re gonna tackle the kitchen for an entire week…piece by piece. Hopefully I can share with you some tricks I have learned for making quick work of some of these tedious cleaning tasks and even some ways to help keep these areas cleaner year round! As we go along, I’m gonna share before & after pics of my progress over on Facebook. Yep, that’s right, you get to stare at my embarassing messes for three weeks. Lucky you!

Here’s a sneak peek at the plan for the next week: (I’ll post daily task reminders on Facebook too but feel free to check back here for quick reference.)

Monday (today): Top of fridge & microwave (inside & out)

Tuesday: Countertops (decluttering & maintenance)

Wednesday: Pantry

Thursday: Oven & range hood

Friday: Fridge & freezer

Saturday: Dishwasher & tupperware cabinet

Sunday: The dreaded junk drawer…dun dun dun

I hope you’ll check-in daily on Facebook and share your progress as we go along. Happy Cleaning!


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