Easy DIY Easter Egg Wreath

Easy DIY Easter Egg Wreath

We are gettin’ all kinds of festive up in here…I even got a comment from a neighborhood walker earlier this week that she loved the wreath I’m sharing with you today & was inspired to make her own. Apparently I’m not the only one looking for inexpensive Easter decor!

I’m sure you remember the egg garland I shared last week. It’s been a big hit with visitors too. But finding Easter eggs so cheap lately has had me coming up with all sorts of uses for them. (BTW…I checked a different Goodwill on Monday and they had tons of 12 packs of eggs for $0.19…brand new, never been opened…can’t believe I didn’t get more. Call your nearest location to see what they have!) I quickly realized I had no outdoor decorations. Sure, there are window clings on all the front windows but you can’t really see them as you just drive by or pull in…I needed something on the door. I wanted to make a wreath, but wreath forms can be expensive. Enter this wreath form I picked up at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop for $2. It was bare, but had a few globs of hot glue here and there from whatever previously adorned this beauty that were easily picked off. And $2 for a 20″ wreath form? Yep, I’ll take it. (And yes, I was looking for more cheap Easter eggs at Salvation Army…didn’t find any there though.)

Easy DIY Easter Egg Wreath

Anyway, 2 dozen eggs, a hot glue gun, and a $4 bow from Michael’s later gave me this…for $7 and little-to-no effort, I’m completely sold. It’s bright and cheery without being obnoxious. I love it.

Easy DIY Easter Egg Wreath

Initially I got all bent outta shape about not being able to get the eggs in a perfect circle but I actually like how the finished product came out. I also originally planned to make my own bow but I’m not the best bow maker so when I went to buy ribbon and saw the premade bows on sale I just couldn’t pass that up.

Anybody out there doing any Easter decor crafting? I’d love to see what you’re working on!

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