St. Louis Turns 250!

Final STL 250 logo

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250. It’s a big number. At the same time, it’s a pretty small one too. It’s all about perspective I suppose. But there is nothing small about St. Louis’ 250th birthday celebration. There are literally hundreds of events scheduled–everything from art exhibits featuring local artists to local house and garden tours featuring St. Louis’s rich history to music festivals. Check out the entire STL250 event calendar here!

We have yet to make it to an “event” but at least we have all year & I’m determined to celebrate with my neighbors! We have, however, discovered an ongoing exhibit that is located in just about every local backyard (which makes it super easy to check out). Have you seen the STL250 Cakeway to the West exhibits yet? They are literally all over the St. Louis metropolitan area both in Missouri and Illinois. This past Friday was a pretty nice day so I looked up a few cakes in our area and took the boys to find them.

We found our first three cakes on Friday in the Maryland Heights/Eastern St. Charles area…

First, we stopped at the Centennial Greenway/KATY Trail. We drove up not sure what to expect but there it was! Right at the trailhead sat this beauty. The cakes are a good 4 feet tall so they are hard to miss!

Centennial Greenway Katy Trail STL250

From there we headed just across the river to the YMCA of Greater St. Louis in Maryland Heights. I have to admit, I was disappointed with the location of this cake. We walked into the lobby and walked right past it as it was tucked in a corner behind some tables that were set up for some sort of buffet/pot luck event. Wish they would have chosen a more prominent location or stuck it outside like the others.

YMCA of Greater St. Louis STL250

From here we back-tracked to Creve Coeur Park where we found this lovely cake lakeside.

Creve Coeur Lake STL250

After this stop we let Buddy have some playground time before heading home for lunch. I figured we’d see some more in the coming weeks but it wasn’t long before a certain 2-year-old was begging to go see more “giant birthday cakes!”

So Sunday we headed back out in search of more! In historic St. Charles we found these next four…

We had to circle the Old County Courthouse but spotted the cake at the top of the steps on the South side.

St. Charles Old County Courthouse STL250

Just a couple blocks away we easily discovered this cheery cake at the Shrine of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne.

Shrine of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne STL250

It was somewhere around here that we started a guessing game that revolved around the color of the flame on the candles. I was never right. Who knew some of them would have green flames? Buddy did. Not me. Anyway…our next stop was just a hop, skip, and a jump away over at the site of the First Missouri Capitol.

St. Charles First Missouri State Capitol STL250

And then I thought we were visiting our final cake of the day when we found this one over at the Lewis & Clark Boat House & Nature Center just around the corner (that’s the beauty of this…with 250 cakes, it’s easy to knock out seeing several of them if you find all the cakes in a specific area.)

Lewis and Clark Boat House and Nature Center STL250

We were all set to head home but Buddy of course asked for one more cake…so I pulled up the list and realized there was another one not too far away at the St. Charles Heritage Museum in Heritage Park.

St. Charles County Heritage Museum at Heritage Park STL250

This one is one of my favorites so far. I think it really gave a nice depiction of what the area is about both through the painted art and historic photos which seemed to have been decoupaged on to the cake.

We can’t wait to go on our next cake adventure! Who knows, maybe I’ll even take Buddy to see one more after his nap today. We’ll see.

Have you seen any of the Cakeway to the West exhibit yet? Do you plan to? I highly recommend it!! It has been a great way to (even after only 8 cakes) see part of the city I haven’t seen before and learn about our cities rich history and promising future!


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