DIY Easter Egg Garland

DIY Easter Egg GarlandI love holidays. One of my favorite things about the holidays is getting to decorate the house. It’s been even more fun this year, being our first in our new house. The biggest thing I’m finding holiday after holiday here is that I don’t have near enough decorations to decorate this house. At least not for my taste. 🙂

When I dug out my Easter decorations, I had to laugh. There really wasn’t much. A couple half used egg decorating kits (which we can’t use anyway), one set of 10 plastic glitter Easter eggs, some bunny ears, and a set of Easter magnets for the fridge. Yikes. So Buddy & I did a little shopping. We picked up lots of window clings at the dollar store & 60 plastic eggs at Goodwill for $1.50 (brand new, unopened…25 cents/pack…can’t beat that) that have been divided up between various glass vases around the house (and several left out for Buddy to practice his egg hunts around the house.) I found packs of 48 plastic eggs for $2 at Target (not quite as good a deal as Goodwill but we bought out our Goodwill so I had to move on) and the best part about these eggs was that they had holes in the top and bottom.

DIY Easter Egg Garland

I knew these would be PERFECT to recreate this Easter egg garland I pinned last year so I picked up a bag. You need very little in the way of supplies for this project…think easy peasy here.

DIY Easter Egg Garland

That black spool is clear fishing line. I always have a spool of this hanging around. It’s super cheap at Wal-Mart and comes in handy for so many random things. Grab a pair of scissors and you’re set.

I laid out all my eggs in a pattern but you can go random if that tickles your fancy…I’m too Type A for that. 😉

DIY Easter Egg Garland

String them all together, leaving a loop at each end for hanging purposes. Hang it up from your mantle, over some windows, run it down the stairs…oooo I might need to make more for the stairs. I opted for the mantle for this one. Have I mentioned how much I love having a mantle to decorate now? Cause I do. And yes, I realize I have a lot more decorating to do on the mantle. I gave it a jiggle on the right side after I took this pic (of course) and it’s laying much nicer now. Not sure why it looks so wiggly over there. Oh well.

DIY Easter Egg Garland

What Easter crafts and decor are you working on at your house? I’d love for you to share your ideas with me!


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