Homemade Buffalo Sauce

Homemade Buffalo Sauce

Pretty early in my pregnancy I discovered bags of frozen buffalo chicken at Aldi’s. Talk about convenience at the right price. I was literally buying these bags of chicken two at a time and eating buffalo chicken on salads, in wraps, straight up…didn’t matter…for lunch nearly every day. I will admit that it was getting border line disgusting (but not really cause it’s buffalo chicken and there’s no such thing as too much buffalo chicken.) Then one day, Aldi’s was out of buffalo chicken. A few days later, I tried a different location. No buffalo chicken. I have been to 3 different Aldi’s locations over the course of the past few weeks and they are ALL OUT OF BUFFALO CHICKEN!

*deep breath* Now…there is still a spot marked for buffalo chicken at each of these stores. What I want to know is who is buying up all my precious chicken?!?! Don’t these people know there is a pregnant woman who has been without her precious buffalo chicken for weeks now?! Come on. It took some serious effort earlier this week to refrain from begging the cashier to tell me when the next shipment of this precious processed food would come in. I managed. Nevertheless…I still wanted buffalo chicken. I bought a bag of the plain, boring, crispy chicken strips instead and a bottle of hot sauce and was determined to fulfill my craving. Here’s what did the trick…

Homemade Buffalo Sauce (adapted from About.com)

4 Tbls unsalted butter

4 Tbls hot sauce (I used the Aldi brand…hard to beat 89 cents for that giant bottle)

2 tsp vinegar

dash or two of worcestershire sauce

garlic powder & salt to taste

(If you really wanna heat things up, add a dash or two of cayenne pepper as well!)

Melt butter on the stove in a small sauce pan. Add remaining ingredients and stir together. Bring to a boil and remove from heat.

Homemade Buffalo Sauce

Allow to cool slightly. Toss with cooked chicken (I used a couple crispy chicken fingers) and devour.

Homemade Buffalo Sauce

This was exactly what I was looking for and made enough for me to use the next day too. Just nuke it and stir well to recombine the ingredients as some separation will occur. The heat without the addition of cayenne is on the milder side of medium…just spicy enough to clear the sinuses but not so hot that your lips and mouth are on fire. Kick things up a notch if you like things extra spicy. I’ll probably make the switch to the spicier stuff around the last week of August. 😉

Hey, even if you’re not pregnant, March Madness is in full swing so if you’re going to a watch party this weekend this is an easy sauce to whip up & toss some wings in. Pop a bag of wings in the oven and throw together a double batch of sauce while they cook. No excuses. Super simple.

Anybody else have strange pregnancy cravings to share?


3 thoughts on “Homemade Buffalo Sauce

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  2. I grew up never eating anything spicy, but when I was pregnant with my fourth child there was a taco restaurant near work where I tried progressively hotter sauces each time I went. Now, thirty years later, I love spicy food, from Thai to Mexican to a craving for Buffalo anything. Thanks for the recipe!

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