6 Week Stories: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Birthday Party


In honor of St. Louis celebrating it’s 250th birthday in 2014 I am going to share 6 weeks of birthday party ideas. I have this goofy habit of saying I’m not going to make a big deal out of a birthday and then going all out crazy two weeks before the big day. I always have a lot of help from my Mom and Itzie which makes it all the more fun! As I’m on a coconut kick this week, I thought I’d roll out my series with The Bear’s second birthday party theme, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. If this sounds like gibberish, let me clarify. It’s a children’s book by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault that tells the tale of some silly letters making their way up a coconut tree. I’ve read it so many times I know it by heart.


We had moved into our house about 3 months before the party and I’d had a baby about 2 months after that. Itzie had volunteered to help out with the party due to this situation and sent me some great decorations from Oriental Trading. My mom delivered some pre-cut adhesive letters, several letter-covered boxes she’d found at the Dollar Store, and a gorgeous cake she’d had made at her local Country Mart.  I had some left over packing paper from moving I used to make the trunks of two coconut trees. I then used the tropical leaves and letters to make our own coconut trees. (Thanks for the help Becky!)

1 coconut tree

Here’s our favor table. Itzie put gummy alphabet letters in little bags with text from the book. We also had beachcomber hats, leis, and flowers for our hair. And what’a a party without an inflatable coconut tree?!


flower in my hair

My favorite favors were the cups Itize made. I still need to sit down and have her walk me through this, but she used adhesive vinyl, a Cricut, and a whole lot of love to make these memorable treasures.


I have to admit, I was pretty impressed when Daddysaurus came home with some pineapples and real coconuts for decorations. He thought of that all own his own. 🙂

fruit decorations

We also had a coconut tree cooler on the deck stocked with Gatorade, The Bear’s favorite treat!


One of my favorite decorations was a shirt my mom made for The Bear. Using her computer and an iron-on transfer sheet, she made a cute little shirt that he still wears (although his tummy pokes out of the bottom!).



We served simple snacks in palm leaf serving trays.

snacks 1

I also made punch and added ice alphabet letters. 

alphabet punch

When I took these photos Gaining Mommymentum didn’t exist so they aren’t what I would normally deliver to you. They’re just shots I tried to catch during a wonderful day of excitement!  But I hope you find an idea or two you could use for a party in your future! And please comment any ideas you have that someone else might enjoy.

Next week we will dive into fun, somebody’s one! 

7 thoughts on “6 Week Stories: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Birthday Party

  1. It was a wonderful party. Everyone enjoyed the decorations so much. My favorite thing was the cups that Itzie made.

  2. Thanks, Holly! I was happy to help. My favorite thing about being a kindergarten teacher was developing units and themes!!!

  3. Mandy, that was just like reliving the party. Good job of explaining everything. I think I want a coconut party for my next birthday.

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