Cleanest Shower on the Block

My friends, I’m sorry. I’ve been holding out on you. Not on purpose, I promise. But yesterday morning as I went through the motions of my typical get-myself-cleaned-up-and-ready-for-the-day-routine I realized I have never shared my trick for keeping my shower ridiculously spotless at all times.

I discovered this trick when our house went on the market about a year and a half ago. I needed a way to get rid of that last little bit of soap scum in the shower I just couldn’t ever seem to get rid of no matter what expensive, toxic cleaner I used. Bingo. I found it and I’m never going back to my old shower cleaning ways.

I wanted to share “before and after” photos but, well, my shower is ALWAYS clean now thanks to this super easy tip. So no shower photos today but I will show you my secret weapon. No, it’s not some super expensive new fangled cleaner. In fact, you probably already have everything you need (cause you don’t need much).

You will need:

A dish scrubber brush/wand that holds soap in the handle (like this one)

Dawn dish soap (the site I initially found this on…One Good Thing by Jillee…via Pinterest of course…said the blue kind so I oblige but not sure if it really makes a difference or if you can use a cheaper brand…I just use coupons to buy my Dawn)

White vinegar

Yep…that’s it. Jillee mixes up a batch in a spray bottle, sprays it all over the shower, then scrubs it off. I tried this the first time I used it. It worked. But man it was a big soapy mess and took a long time. That’s where the dish wand comes in.

Unscrew the soap chamber on the dish wand, fill 1/3-1/2 full with Dawn dish soap then fill the remainder of the chamber with vinegar. Screw top back on. You’re ready to go. Next time you shower, get the sponge a little wet to get it started then go to town on your shower walls. When you’re finished (mere minutes later), leave it in the shower to use again. Refill as needed. I use this on my shower doors a few times per week and scrub down the shower walls weekly. It’s great for shining up the chrome items in my shower too. And the scrubby tool is compact enough to scrub any of the little built in shelves my shower has that tend to collect gunk under bottles of shampoo and such. I’ve used this on one-piece showers and showers that are tiled and it works equally well in both environments. No more soap scum! Vinegar really is a miracle cleaner. Combine it with the power of Dawn and you’ve created an unstoppable scum buster. And mold buster. And mildew buster. It’s seriously amazing.

This would be a great tip to teach your kids too…especially college kids! Man, as an RA in a suite style dorm in college I saw some gross, gross showers at check out time. This simple trick would have saved more than a few folks “excessive cleaning charges” at the end of the school year.

Do you use vinegar to clean anything around your house??


6 thoughts on “Cleanest Shower on the Block

  1. I will be putting this to the test as soon as I buy the little thingee! Mom swears by vinegar and dad used it for years, even instead of Windex to clean her windows.

    • It’s crazy how many uses there are for vinegar around the house! I use it to clean our jacuzzi tub & sanitize the jets a few times a year too. Fill the tub, dump in a gallon of vinegar (yep a whole gallon–good thing it’s cheap!) and let the jets run for 10 minutes or so while I clean the rest of the bathroom. Runs all that sanitizing power through there to clean out any build up!

  2. I fill my humidifiers with vinegar after each spell of usage to clean out any mineral build up. Also I soak paper towels in it to wrap around the handles of my faucet to kick the build up there too (kids drippy hands leave that spot wet all the time in our house). I’m bad about scrubbing the showers though. Maybe this trick would help me do it more often. I used to use the old dryer sheet trick at our last house where we had glass shower doors. Here I just ignore it til it’s bad and then use the headache-inducing spray and a scrubbing sponge to attack it.

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