Busy Bags: Counting Leprechaun Gold

Counting Gold Busy Bag

I’m gonna be totally up front with you that I did NOT create this month’s busy bag. While brainstorming a few weeks ago I did a little google search to see what was out there. I was looking for more fine motor based busy bags (cause that’s what I think Buddy needs the most practice with) but came across this one and could not pass it up! I promise I’ll share a fine motor bag I made next month. It’s a cute one!

Counting Gold Busy Bag

So I stumbled upon the blog Second Story Window during my search and just LOVE their ideas! They shared this super cute busy bag WITH a free printable two years ago and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it with all of you. All I had to do was go to their blog (links above), print the pots on cardstock (they come 2 to a page for a total of 5 pages…they also have printable coins available if you want to use them), and clean up some pennies*** (I used salt & vinegar) for our shiny “gold.” It seriously does not get any easier than that. Seriously.

***Note: If your child is a little younger or still likes to put things in his or her mouth, you might want to consider a trip to the dollar store or party supply store to see if they have large gold coins to discourage swallowing. Ain’t nobody got time for a penny in the tummy.

Counting Gold Busy Bag

Aren’t these SO adorable?! We’ve been talking about St. Patrick’s Day coming up in a couple weeks and Buddy has been really interested in leprechauns (more on that to come) so this was a fun opportunity to incorporate all of that into a math activity without him even knowing it! This busy bag is excellent for working on number recognition, counting, one to one correspondence, and so much more. You could even add in some fine motor practice by having your child use a set of children’s chopsticks or plastic tweezers to pick up each piece of “gold” to place on the pots. Just a thought.

Counting Gold Busy Bag

I sure do feel lucky to have come across this blog! What a timesaver for a busy momma like me! Hope you will check it out too!


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