We’re Growing!

Gaining Mommymentum

Nearly 7 months into this blog I’m pleased to announce Gaining Mommymentum is growing! No, I don’t mean a third blogger will be joining us (though you may still see guest bloggers from time to time…who knows.) I mean that I am, quite literally, growing. At an alarming rate. See for yourself.

Baby 2014

Where in the world did that come from?! I know. Crazy. I’d like to say this has happened gradually over the last 13 weeks (and that particular picture is already 2 weeks old…yikes) but it started to appear about 4 weeks ago and only got worse from there.

Yep. It’s confirmed. That, folks, is a baby bump. Call the tabloids!

Baby D 2.0 is due in late August!

I have officially completed my first trimester & am starting to feel much more like my old self…just a little rounder in the middle. I apologize for my inconsistency in posting lately…besides battling all day morning sickness for several weeks the fatigue has been especially bad this time around. The last time I was pregnant I was teaching full time (and sneaking naps on the floor behind my desk whenever I had a break without students)…I thought it would be a piece of cake this time since I’m not teaching (except for the occasional sub day) and spent a good chunk of my miserable first trimester over Christmas break…wrong. Apparently chasing a preschooler full time is just as demanding. I’m constantly pooped! Thank goodness Hubby has been so very fabulous. Seriously. Could not have survived without him! Thanks honey!!! So bear with me as I continue to adjust. I’ll post as often as I’m able, it just might not always be quite as frequent as usual.

I’ve had a lot of fun comparing this pregnancy to being pregnant with Buddy. My due date this time is just about 6 weeks after my due date was with him (I am NOT looking forward to being large & in charge all summer but I’ll make it!) Scary thing is, I’m much bigger this time. No, I’m not having twins. We confirmed that already. And I had been warned that things would be different this time but WHOA! I didn’t even go shopping for maternity clothes until I was 15 weeks with my first…I’ve been wearing those same clothes since about 10 weeks this time around.

Baby 2014

The picture on the left is from Feb. 23, 2011…one the right is earlier this week. So I’m thinking about 18-19 weeks on the left and about 13 weeks on the right. Oye. Definitely a different shape and not quite as filled in on the right but man I cannot explain how weird it is to pop out that much faster.

So that’s my exciting news this week! I’ll share pregnancy stuff once in a while but I’ll try not to let it dominate my posts. Hopefully my upcoming cravings won’t affect my recipes. 😉 Let me know if things start sounding weird! Haha! Here we go!


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