Valentine’s Day Busy Bag: Candy Heart Puzzles

Valentine Busy Bag Heart Puzzles

Here’s another quick and easy seasonal busy bag for you to add to your arsenal. Puzzles are a great way to promote problem solving, fine motor skills, and print awareness (if you use words.) And the great thing about this puzzler of a busy bag is that it’s super easy to customize to your child’s fine motor needs/skill level. If your child is a little older you could cut your hearts into more/smaller pieces.  Since Buddy is only 2, I made mine fairly big (using red poster board) and cut each puzzle into 3-4 pieces.

You will need:

poster board in seasonal colors (I chose pink and red)

a marker for writing “candy heart” phrases on them (if desired…you could also decorate with stickers or draw pictures…whatever your little heart desires)


laminator (optional)

I made a template for my large heart by using an old file folder but if you’re good at free-handing that sort of thing, go for it!  Trace and cut out your hearts (I made 4 puzzles) and write your phrases on them.  To help differentiate which puzzle pieces go with which puzzle I wrote with a different “font” each time (one time I printed, then curly letters, then polka dot letters…etc.)

Valentine Busy Bag Heart Puzzles

Now it’s time to cut them apart.  I cut mine in different ways so you can see the puzzle above has curvy cuts to match up…while the puzzle below sports jagged cuts. (Don’t mind the glare…we can all thank the laminator for that one.)

Valentine Busy Bag Heart Puzzles

Ta-da! Now you’re ready for puzzle fun with your little one!

Valentine Busy Bag Heart Puzzles

These were trickier than I anticipated for Buddy. He really digs puzzles lately but usually works within a frame to help define the shape.  I’m thinking about making a mat to go behind these with the heart shape on it. Could make for a good transition for him to use this year…probably won’t need it next year…and then the following year (if he’s still interested) I can cut them into more pieces.  See…a busy bag that grows with your kids! Love it.



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