Candy-Free Valentine Ideas

Candy-Free Valentine Ideas

The ultimate Hallmark holiday is upon us. I don’t mind Valentine’s Day…I like to wear pink & red. I like to give valentines. I like to feel special and loved. I just don’t like to go overboard either. And honestly, do we really need another “holiday” to get our kids all hyped up on sugar? Nevermind the food allergy nightmare occasions like this create.

Buddy’s school is having a “party” (aka passing out valentines & having a special snack) on Wednesday so of course I hopped on my pinterest boards to browse through all the Valentine’s Day ideas I have been stockpiling to find something super cute for him to give his classmates. I wanted to avoid candy for my above reasons (and am, unfortunately, fully prepared to confiscate his valentines when he gets home to weed out all the candy he can’t have) but also didn’t want to make a huge headache for myself. Let’s be honest. Buddy is two. He can’t even write his name on his valentines yet, nor does he really have any clue about Valentine’s Day yet. So after much deliberation, he’s bringing outer space themed valentines that come with glow in the dark stickers. But I am chomping at the bit to make one of these adorable ideas for his classmates next year!

Valentine's Day Paint Printable

Watercolor paints with this cute printable from etsy would make a great valentine for budding artists!

You Make My Heart Pop!

Buddy has a thing for bubbles so I thought Love Stitched’s printable might be perfect to use next year!

Bits of everything shared this great idea for giving friends a new pencil. And who says you have to use Valentine’s Day themed pencils? Let your child pick out their favorites for year-round fun!

My almost-six-year-old niece came to mind when I saw these friendship bracelet valentines by Dandee Designs. With the rainbow loom craze going on I bet this would be popular!

Nix the dum dums (though they are free of the Top 8 Allergens) and this car-themed valentine by Thirty Handmade Days would put any little car enthusiast, boy or girl, on the happy track. So cute! Must remember to keep an eye out for packs of matchbox cars on clearance throughout the year!

I’m pretty much obsessed with these glowstick valentines from Craftiness is Not Optional. So easy, so frugal (she’s right…you can get a 15 pack of glowsticks from the dollar spot at Target), and no candy!! Might want to go 3+ on the age to be sure they don’t end up in someone’s mouth getting chewed on. I doubt that would end well.

I almost made a version of this bouncy ball valentine from The Macs but it would have said “you make my heart bounce.” Then I had images of a class of 2-year-olds getting into their valentines and bouncy balls flying all over the classroom. Having been a teacher myself, I set the bouncy balls back down and moved on down the aisle. Maybe when he’s a little older.

Lastly, what kid doesn’t love a crazy straw? These loopy straw printable valentines from Nellie Design are absolutely adorable. These also almost got my vote. Again, maybe when Buddy is a little bit older and can help me with them more. We’ll see.

Are you or your child giving out valentines this year? Do you prefer store bought, homemade, or a combo??


2 thoughts on “Candy-Free Valentine Ideas

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  2. I’ve got two packs of Valentines pencils I wanted to hand out this year. Going to use Bits of Everything’s adorable idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

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