Top 5 Organization Tips of 2014….so far!

Top 5 Organization Tips GM

This year, instead of resolutions, I’m making lifestyle improvements. I decided to start with some simple household organization to get myself feeling a little more together. I picked something for each room in my house. I also chose an online organization tool to restructure my online clutter. Here it goes!

1. Bathroom

Simple ideas go a long way. Cluttered counters, misplaced makeup, and an abundance of floss motivated me to take my bathroom mess and start to find permanent homes for toiletries. I saw these cute chevron tubs at Wal-Mart and with my label-maker I started my process. So far I’ve got skincare, makeup, and dental. I also have a bigger catchall tub with daily stuff I use that doesn’t fit into my sytem yet.  I’m not finished (or even close), but I’ve started. More categories will come to me as I root through the old Ziploc bags and shoe boxes. For now, this is a good start.

com bathroom tubs GM

I think I saw this idea on Pinterest. Once again, so simple and yet so useful. I bought this clip for less that $2. It’s curing me of my “ponytail-holder-on-doorknob” syndrome. 🙂

com ponytail GM

2. Kitchen

I had a series of unfortunate circumstances in my kitchen. My pantry was overcrowded. My spices were overflowing out of tubs. My appliances were inconvenient. With the addition of our pegboard we opened up some great space and got our pantry organized.

pegboard 7 GM

We added some new spice racks which make cooking so much more enjoyable. I wish I would have taken a picture of the old tubs to show you so you could really see what a game-changer this is. Just imagine having to dig through all your 30+ spices every time you needed garlic or cinnamon (my two most used spices). It was getting pretty bland around here. These were a bit of a splurge for us, but we are all grateful to be back to flavorful meals.

com spice rack GM

3. Bedroom

A pin on one of Lauren’s organization boards inspired this move. I always lose my tank tops. They get shoved to the back of a drawer or fall off the hangers. Now I’ve got them all in one convenient and accessible location. My belts were shoved in a box on a shelf and I always forgot about them. Now they are all in view at the same time. And what a cheap solution! These shower curtain rings were around $1.

com tank 1 com tank 2

com belt 2 com belt 1

4. Toy Closet

I’m very proud to say that my toy closet to is still in tact and being used pretty effectively. I’ve expanded it a little further. To save money I’ve tried to use containers we already had around the house and my trusty label-maker. I got creative with a Lego tub and a baby bottle cooler!  I can’t wait to finish redoing our bathroom so I can take the towels out and add more toys!

com closet 1

com closet 2

com closet 3

5. Evernote

What is Evernote? It’s like Pinterest for your entire online life. It’s an app and a software that you can install on your smartphone, tablet, and computer. It works in Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. (I’m sure it works on many more platforms- those are just the ones I’m familiar with).  It all syncs up when you add “notes.” What’s a note? It can be a website, email, document, photo, or pretty much any digital information you want to store.  I’ve been using it for a few months now and I love it. Want to save all your travel documents for an upcoming vacation? Create a notebook and it’s all in one place! I’ve got a notebook for “new recipes” where I add ideas I get on blogs, Pinterest, or on Facebook.   My “educational technology” notebook houses articles, e-newsletters, and emails related to the topic. Plus you can tag your notes to find related items easily.

It’s like an extra memory card for my brain.  And ever since I was “gifted” with mommy-brain I’ve been wishing I could expand my mental hard drive. Evernote is the answer!

I love to get inspired by ideas for simple and effective organizing tips. What works for you?


4 thoughts on “Top 5 Organization Tips of 2014….so far!

  1. I have my jewelry on a pegboard. Necklaces, scarves, belts and bracelets on pegs. Pegs hold those narrow baskets we use to hold pencils in a desk drawer — earrings in tiny jewelry presentation boxes in there. So proud of myself. And I like the look of it! 😀

  2. Mandy,
    I eat a lot of peanuts that come in nice size plastic containers with lids on them. When they are empty I wash them out and use them to store things related to my building projects. Popsicle sticks, wire connectors, alligator clips, pens, pencils and markers are just a few of the things I keep organized. They are clear so i can see what is in the container and they don’t spill.

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