ManDIY: Kitchen Pegboard

pegboard feature GM

We bought our house 1 year, 5 months, and 12 days ago. How do I remember this? It was a big day for me. We got up around 7:00 a.m., had a pleasant family morning, went to sign the papers to close on our house….and then I went to the hospital and by 7:15 p.m. I’d had a baby. Probably the most productive 12 hours of my life!

But I digress. Since we bought our house we’ve enjoyed updating and redecorating. My husband and I have a similar aesthetic- minimal and functional. However, we sometimes bump heads about how “minimal” is appropriate. He loves the idea of all blank, white walls. But lucky for me, I can often talk him into a compromise like this pegboard organizer for our pots and pans. I showed him a picture I’d seen at A Beautiful Mess (a constant source of inspiration) and was a bit surprised to hear he was on board. He got to work right away and within a few hours on a Saturday it was completed!

Our kitchen came with this cabinet. The tiny cabinet on the left was practically useless. While we do enjoy vino, we don’t need a wine rack. It doesn’t last long enough. 🙂

pegboard GM

We tried to convert the wine rack into an appliance storage area. I didn’t like the clutter.

pegboard 0 GM

One Saturday night after the kids went to bed we were sitting at the kitchen table talking about remodeling the kitchen. I said something like, “That is just a big waste of space.” And Daddysaurus said, “Let’s take it down.” I agreed and the next thing I knew he had some power tools and I was standing underneath catching cabinets! We immediately loved how much it opened up our kitchen and made things feel lighter. Daddysaurus installed some track lighting for us shortly after.

We left the space empty for several months before stumbling on an idea of what to do with it. I’m glad we waited and didn’t rush to put something up there. Since we had eliminated the cabinet, we had to do some rearranging of our dishes and pantry. Things were pretty crowded and we needed to free up some space. Enter the pegboard.

We had this old piece of pegboard in our shed. Daddysaurus measured the size we would need and trimmed it up. He was very smart to make sure that the size would fit evenly in our space. He’s good at that “attention to details” thing. I’m more of the “big picture” type. We’re a good team.

pegboard 2 GM

pegboard 1 GM

Pegboard schematic GMDaddysaurus made a trip to Lowe’s to get some furring strips (bracing wood) and screws.  Insert the obligatory joke about using his “stud finder” to select where to put the screws. And leveling is always important (attention to details- he’s great at it!).

pegboard 3 GM 

Then he used a drill to screw the pegboard to the furring strips.

pegboard 4 GM

We gave it two coats of paint.

pegboard 5 GM

I bought pegboard organizers at Wal-Mart. This part was fun- reminded me of Tetris or Dr. Mario!

pegboard 6 GM

And we’re done! As you can see we chose the green to match the other walls in our kitchen. We had been looking for a way to make it more cohesive and this really ties it all together. (That wall has to be white because it continues into our dining room and living room.)

pegboard 8 GM

We had discussed tracing the pots so we’d remember where they go, but decided against it. We’ve got this picture as a reference, but actually it turned out that they are pretty interchangeable which is nice. I also like having my scissors, measuring cups and spoons, and other frequently used utensils at my fingertips. Now it’s time to make some curtains for that corner window!


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