Busy Bag: Snowflake Match-Up

Snowflake Match-Up

This is one of the EASIEST busy bags I will offer you.  If you’re in a January slump and not feeling particularly crafty, even you can get on board with a snowflake matching game!  Matching games are great for all ages, it’s all about how you customize the game to make it appropriate for your child’s needs.

For example, Buddy is 2 1/2, so when we first started with this game I would lay out one set of 6 cards face up, then hand him a snowflake and ask him to find the match.  Easy peasy.  Moving on.

Now we are working on actually learning how to find our own matches.  So I’ll lay down a set of 6 cards (that’s three matching pairs) and help him select two to turn over.  We talk about whether or not they are a match, and proceed appropriately.  As he has figured out the general memory game play rules, we have been able to up how many snowflakes we are working with.

Snowflake Match-Up

Looking for a way to make it even easier?  Use a set of 4 (that’s two matching sets) and add some color to your cards so that two matching snowflake patterns are also a match because they are colored red or blue or purple with orange polka dots.  Whatever floats your boat.

Snowflake Match-Up

You can feel free to find your own snowflake clip art (or draw your own and make a copy to keep them identical) or you can email me at Lauren {dot} Mommymentum {at} gmail {dot} com and I will send you my handy printable!  Let me know in your email that you’re looking for the snowflake busy bag printable.  If/when I can figure out how to upload it here I will do that too.  Just print the pages out on cardstock, cut them up, and you’re ready to go!

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