Indoor Snow Play

Those of you not in St. Louis might be getting a little tired of us going on and on about the snow but you have to understand something.  This was a historical snowfall for our city.  No, it wasn’t the largest snowfall we have ever seen.  Heck, we got more snow in one day the last week of March in 2013 than we got this past Sunday.  However…as the local meteorologists taught us, this was a very different kind of snow.  When St. Louis gets a big snow, 999 times out of 1000 it’s the wet, heavy snow that is great for building snowmen and having snowball fights…which means the temperatures stay (relatively) warm.  This allows us to get the roads cleared in a fairly timely manner AND lets us out of our houses to play in the snow with our families.  This was not that kind of snow.  Sure, when the snow started it was in the upper 20s but by the time the snow stopped falling our temperatures had plummetted to single digits and even below zero with wind chills of up to -30 degrees.  This made getting the roads clear nearly impossible.  Here we are three days later, dozens of area school districts (including ours) are still closed, and my husband was just able to go back to work today.  For the record, our street is still completely snow packed.  From what I hear, the interstates are finally clear but that’s about the only thing.  Not only have the roads been extra treacherous (Mandy is STILL stuck in her house…ugh) but with temps this cold, you didn’t dare take your kids out to play.  Well, ok let me rephrase that.  I wasn’t going out in that cold unless I absolutely had to…and outdoor play time was not deemed “necessary” until today.  In the meantime, we have been wearing out our busy bags (I have a new one to show you next week!), reading lots of books, watching some tv (you betcha), and running laps around the house while timing ourselves.  Hey, gotta burn off some energy somehow. 🙂

The problem with this, is that it’s hard for a two-and-a-half-year-old to understand that there is all this awesome white stuff out in the yard…that he can’t go play with.  We’ve had enough snow already this year that he gets it, remembers building a snowman, and is ready to climb up the “giant mountains” daddy creates when he shovels the driveway.  So Monday morning, I brought the snow to us.

Indoor Snow Play

I emptied out a shallow rubbermaid container, put on my boots, and went out (for less than 30 seconds) and shoveled a bunch of snow into the container.  Add an old set of measuring cups and some funnels and we were set!

Indoor Snow Play

Now because it was the really powdery type of snow, it wasn’t very good for doing much with….but we made a sledding hill and sent various things sliding down and it was fun to pull on our mittens and just play with something different.

Indoor Snow Play

Daddy was able to use his hands to pack and melt the snow enough to make a couple snowballs for Buddy, which made him infinitely happy…and of course lead him to building a snowman!

Indoor Snow Play

This picture totally cracks me up.  Santa brought Buddy one of those “snowman kits” (I think he got it at Target, though I’ve seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond too) and Buddy has been itching to use it.  So we tried.  But the carrot nose took up the entire face and by the time Daddy had melted the snow enough to pack into snowballs they were more like ice balls and very difficult to stick any of the pieces in.  Oh well…we still had a blast!

We are anticipating more snow tonight.  Luckily this snowfall is just supposed to bring an inch or two but it’s gonna be the wet, sloppy kind.  Maybe it will mix in with the other 10+ inches we already have and we can build our snowman outside this time.  We’ll see!

Have you been cooped up during this crazy winter weather?  What have you been doing to pass the time?


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