Tuesday Tunes: Here Come The ABCs

Since we started Gaining Mommymentum, I’ve been lucky enough to have friends give me topics to blog about. One frequent reqeuest is about music for kids. This month I’m busting out Tuesday Tunes each week to share some music that a.) is kid-friendly and b.) doesn’t make me want to shove Legos in my ears.  One of my first posts was about a great kids album by They Might Be Giants called “No!” Since then we’ve become big fans of their “Here Come the ________” albums. Intriguing and engaging, my son is 3 and he LOVES them, but I’ve also shared many songs in reading and science class with my 7-10 year-old students and they dug it. All of the albums come with DVDs of videos for each song. Puppets, cartoons, and stop animation are unique to my kids’ generation, but it gives me a Muppet/Saturday morning cartoon/non-threatening Tim Burton feel.  I’ll give you a link to sample.

Let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start). When you read you begin with ABC so “Here Come the ABCs!”


Here Comes the ABCs

Released by Disney in 2005, this energetic album weaves educational vocabulary and topics in a web of alphabetic play. “Alphabet of Nations” supplies the name of country starting with each letter of the alphabet in a lyrical way that makes you forget your child (and you!) might be learning something. “QU”  puts a traditional reading lesson to a funky beat.  “Q U, they’re often a pair, Make kw sounds together Like quick, quack and quill.”  One of our favorites, “C is for Conifers” sparked a great commute conversation (commutersation?) . We pointed out conifers the entire way to school and on the way home. I got such a kick when The Bear came home from a trip with Daddysaurus and said, “Mom, I saw conifers at Sears!” He was referring to the Christmas tree display. 🙂

If I was Levar Burton on Reading Rainbow this is the part where I’d say, “But you don’t have to take my word for it!” Here Come the ABCs was certified Gold (sales over 50,000) in 2005. The album reached #1 on Billboard’s Children’s Music charts. It  won Parenting Magazine’s Children’s DVD of the Year Award and two National Parenting Publications Awards (NAAPA).   Amazon.com named it “the best Children’s Music album of 2005” and the 13th best overall album of 2005.

Here’s a link to a podcast featuring another one of our favorites, “Go for G.” I love the quirkiness.

Enticing song list:

Here Come The ABCs

 Alphabet Of Nations

 E Eats Everything

 Flying V

 Q U

 Go For G!

 Pictures Of Pandas Painting

 D & W


 Can You Find It?

 The Vowel Family

 Letter / Not a Letter

 Alphabet Lost And Found

 I C U

 Letter Shapes

 Who Put The Alphabet In Alphabetical Order?

 Rolling O

 L M N O

 C Is For Conifers


 D Is For Drums

 Z Y X

 Goodnight My Friends

 Clap Your Hands

 Here In Higglytown

Stay tuned (ha ha!)- next week I jazz things up in “Miss Ella’s Playhouse!”


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