Kid Science: Goop

Anybody else stuck inside?  Here in St. Louis we got anywhere from 8-14″ of snow yesterday and the city is all but shut down today.  If you are trapped in your home with your kids, you may be looking for something (easy) to do to mix things up.  Feel like getting a little messy?  Try out this experiment!

You will need:

cornstarch (Start with a cup or two)



food coloring (optional…I skipped it)

Pour cornstarch into the bowl.  Let your kiddo play in it.  Cornstarch has a really unique texture that is super silky smooth…if you’ve never felt it yourself, go for it!  Even my little guy who’s a little bit sensitive to sensory stuff liked it!

Kid Science--Making Goop

Now it’s time to add water.  Start pouring (about a 1/2 cup at a time) and use your hands to mix it with the cornstarch.

Kid Science--Making Goop

Now’s when the fun begins (and when Buddy wasn’t *quite* as interested in sticking his hands in the bowl…took a little coaxing.)

Kid Science--Making Goop

What’s so cool about that you say?  Well, when you pick some up, it immediately turns liquid and runs from your hands.

Kid Science--Making Goop

But if you grab a hunk and keep it moving or roll it in your hands, it instantly turns solid.  Crazy!!! Hard to get a picture of unless you have a third arm…which I do not.

Kid Science--Making Goop

See how it’s in a ball?  Now watch what happens when I stop rolling it between my fingers.

Kid Science--Making Goop

There it goes…going, going,

Kid Science--Making Goop


If you are using a large enough bowl or pour it into a flat bottomed container you can smack it and watch it crack.  So cool.  And I’ve heard if you get it just right you can make it bounce but I wasn’t able to replicate that.  Guess we’ll have to make it again!  Happy snow day folks!

Need more ideas?  Try these other kid science activities!

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