Snow Day Emergency Kit

snow day emergency kit

Last year my children received a Snow Day Emergency Kit in the mail from Itzie (their Grandmother).  It was full of snow-themed treats. We ooohed and ahhed and put it on a shelf. Then when the first snow day came I was so grateful to have something for my kids to do! That’s the thing about snow days- it’s tough to be prepared for them (even though we know they are inevitably going to happen here in Missouri).

The other thing I really like about this box of goodies is that it makes a great winter gift for a child or family who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. It’s a tradition at my school for the teachers to buy small Christmas gifts for our students. Last year I had a student in my class who did not celebrate Christmas. So I went to Dollar General and picked up a basket and some fun treats to fill it with (a super hero sock cap, a light-up yo-yo, an over-sized mug, hot chocolate, and other indoor goodies). I put a little note inside explaining it was an “Snow Day Emergency Kit” with the “WARNING: Will Prevent Boredom.” I felt honored that this usually unsentimental 9 year-old boy gave me a hug after receiving the gift. He even came back and told me he used it after our first snow day.  Heart melted.

What do you need to make your own Snow Day  Emergency Kit?

snow day kit

  • a container (preferably with a lid for easy storage)
  • a label and decorations (many options- Itzie cut letters out of adhesive vinyl with her Cricut. You could also use stickers, print out labels using Avery’s design templates or sticker paper)
  • hot chocolate
  • special hot chocolate mugs
  • cookie mix
  • special plates to eat your cookies on
  • a winter book, coloring book and/or DVD

Obviously, you can customize it for your family.  I added a cake mix, icing, and cupcake papers this year (I figure the more baking I do the more the oven heats the house. 🙂 ).You could keep a special busy bag just for snow days in it. Older children might enjoy building an igloo with modeling clay, puzzles, crosswords, or a card game.  If you have dietary needs that prevent using a store-bought cookie mix, you could put the dry ingredients you need in a mason jar with a label. It’s also a good place to store surplus Christmas gifts so you have a new toy that you don’t have to go out and buy.

This year I did a little updating and restocking to our kit. I’m so excited for the first stay-home snow day!

snow day emergency kit


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