Frosted Windows: Fail

Oh my friends.  It’s Monday.  Anyone need a laugh?  I couldn’t pass up sharing my latest crafty fail.  Hopefully it gives you a giggle. 🙂

I had this dream of recreating the beautiful frosted window scenes my mom used to make on our living room windows as kids but I didn’t want to buy the spray stuff.  So I started googling…and wasn’t having much luck…until I found this tutorial for making frost on the window.  All I needed was boiling water, epsom salts, and dishwashing liquid. I thought I had hit the jackpot.

Nailed it.

Frosted Window Fail

I started painting it on with a foam brush and immediately knew it was not going to be pretty.  Oh my goodness.  I laughed so hard when I finished.  What a hot mess.  I kept trying to “fix” it but there was no fixing this.  But at this point, I had two windows painted like this (luckily they are the french doors leading to our sun room so they’re on the back of the house where no one will see.)  I needed to figure out how to salvage this.

I broke out a bunch of q-tips and a cup of water and used wet q-tips to draw in the “snow.”

Frosted Window Fail

Still not pretty.  Oh well, time to turn the 2-year-old loose on it.

Frosted Window Fail

Bingo.  Instant preschooler entertainment.  And do you see that grip he has on the q-tip?!  Who knew this was turning into a fine motor activity?  And you have to apply some pressure to actually make lines in the “frost” so it’s similar to drawing with crayons.  Didn’t take long for Hubby to join in the fun.

Frosted Window Fail

That’s my snowman…yeah I’m real artistic like that.  Wait, what do you mean where’s the snowman?  Right there in the lower left corner.  I swear it’s a snowman.  Stop laughing.  That’s Hubby making a reindeer.  Show off.

Frosted Window Fail

At least it wasn’t a total waste.  And now I know this stuff will wash off with just water.  We’ll see how long I feel like leaving it up.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has these things happen to her?  Anyone?  Ah well, you win some, you lose some. 🙂  Here’s to a great week!


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