Itzie’s Corn Dip

Itzie's Corn Dip

As Daddysaurus said this morning, “It’s a festival of dips!”

This recipe is so easy….SO EASY. It’s quick and delicious. You can prepare it a day or two ahead of time and pop it in the fridge until you need it. (So if you need a dish to take to a holiday party you aren’t trying to cook, dry your hair, and feed your kids dinner at the same time as you scramble out the door…which is something I’m very familiar with.)

Itzie’s Corn Dip


CornDip ingredients

2. Cans whole kernel corn,drained
1 cup sour cream
1/3 cup mayonnaise
1  can green chiles
1/4.  Cup grated jalapeños
Sprinkle cayenne pepper
3. Cups grated cheese

I decided to use jalapeños from a jar and chop them up a little. Not sure why, just felt like it.


Then you just put everything in a bowl.


You stir it up.


Done! All that’s left is to take a couple ( or a few….maybe several) bites, put it in a cute holiday dish, and send it to work with your spouse so you don’t eat the entire bowl by yourself!

Itzie's Corn Dip

Here is the picture Daddysaurus sent me from work….at 10 a.m.!


Stay tuned for another super easy and yummo (did I just say yummo?) holiday dip recipe on Friday!


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